9 Workout In Small Space Ideas

Workout In Small Space

There are some workouts that really don’t need too much of space. All that you need is the right amount of energy and of course a yoga mat. Remember that when you are traveling or sharing a room with someone, there is really no need to stop exercising. There are some easy ways to kick start your exercise routine, even with very little space. The idea is to know how to go about the same.

Here Are Some Sample Routines And Workout Ideas For Small Spaces


This is one of the best workout routines that you can do even with a limited space. If you have a space on the ground, then just spread your yoga mat and get started. If not, you can also do it on the bed or with the little space available near it. You can do any kind of yoga asana here including cobra pose, bow pose, boat pose, etc. for the tummy. For the upper body, stand and do namaskar pose, tree pose, dancing shiva pose, etc. With the little space on the floor you can also do some leg exercises like wind-release pose and inner thigh pose.


Strength Training Workouts

Who says you need equipment along with space to get started with your workout routine. All that you need here is again a yoga mat.

For your strength training workout, you just need a little bit of creativity. For the upper body, you can do push ups and keep repeating the sets. Along with this, there is the entire set of plank exercises that can be done with ease. You just need enough room to fit your body. For the lower body strengthening, think squats. To make the workout more intense, do some mountain climbers followed by planks or push ups.

Strength Training Workouts


Another awesome exercise routine or workout program that can be done in very little space. Again, the idea is to do it either on the bed or even on an exercise mat. If you don’t have either, don’t worry, some poses can be done standing too. Pilates works on the core muscles of the body and you need very little space to practice these postures. Think about doing roll-ups, bridges with the 100, leg rotations and criss-cross exercises. A simple but effective exercise option for smaller spaces.


Cardio Workouts

Who said that you need an entire treadmill or even a lot of space to do running and cardio workouts. There are plenty of cardio workouts out there that need such little space that even you would be amazed. For starters, there is skipping or spot jumping that barely takes any place.

Then there are other cardio examples too like jumping jacks, flying jacks, lateral jacks, ski jumps or even quick feet. All of these barely need more than a square foot area. So chuck giving excuses and get started.

Great Cardio

Kettle Bell Workout

This one is a great complete body workout for less space areas. Basically you can add the kettle-bell to almost any kind of workout program. It is a heavy equipment that gives you the flexibility to do almost any exercises. So think of doing squats while lifting both hands with kettle-bell or even doing arm workouts along with leg rises. So on the whole you are combining strength training with stretching and toning.

Kettle Bell Raise


If you just have a small bed without any extra space, don’t worry! Stretching is a workout that can be done anywhere. Heck you can also do it on the bus or train. For this workout try to do some cardio before. Then start doing warm-up stretches like calf stretches, hamstring stretch, side stretch, bending stretches, etc. There is so much to do. Just remember to hold each position for at least 30 seconds to intensify the burning of the muscles and get them moving.

Lunge Stretching And Pulsing

Equipment Exercises For Small Spaces

If you are looking for a particular exercise routine that you can do everyday but with smaller spaces, then get hold of a stationary cycle, spinning bike or even an aerobics stepper. All of these equipment require very little space to keep and you can get going with the exercise schedule without stepping out of the house.

Step Aerobics

Interval Training

Another small space workout idea that also needs very little time. You just have to do high-intensity cardio for 30 seconds to a minute and then shift to any toning exercise.

Do it alternatively like spot jump followed by squats or leg rises. All in a small space.

Interval Training

Tabata Workout

Most tabata workouts don’t need too much space or time. They are short bursts of high intensity cardio-strength workouts. In these 4 minutes, forget rest. You have to get grooving at full blast. The workout barely needs any space. Think intensive high knee jumps or jumping jacks at crazy speed for a minute, followed by another workout.

Slow And Fast Jumps Tabata Routine Workout