An Overview On Muscle Building At Home

Muscle Building At Home
With the subscription fees of the gym soaring high, many people are finding it difficult to go to the gym every month. Also they are in search of various exercises that help in muscle building at home which they can perform in the luxury of their homes.

If you are one among them who wants to look good without spending even a dollar in the gym, you have to make sure that you are doing the work out right as even a slight change in the position might cause fractures, sprains, strains and other harmful injuries.Though your home might not have the advanced equipment of the gym or its sophistication, you can attain body building with simple exercises without the help of any weights or equipment.

5 Exercises That You Can Do At Home

There are a lot exercises, such as push-ups, pull ups, lunges, bicycle kicks, etc. that you can do at your home and build your muscle. Take a look at them.

Push-Ups Or Circuit Training


This exercise ranks first when it comes to performing a workout at home. You can experiment it with slight variations to make sure you have a well toned upper body. Make use of two chairs that are placed sideways to do a circuit to aim at the chest muscles.Keep your feet on the chairs and place your hands on the floor and perform push-ups. Always make sure that your hands are in a wide position. You must do 12 to 15 reps of push-ups to get a positive response on your abs, shoulders, triceps and chest muscles.

Bicycle Kicks

Elbow to Knee Crunch

Bicycle kicks are the best way to build the abdominal as well as the oblique muscles. Lie on the floor with your hands at the back of your head.Raise your feet from the ground and try to touch the right knee with left elbow and vice versa. Do this for 30 seconds and then rest.

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It is regarded as the most effective exercise for the legs. With this, you can build the hamstrings and quadriceps in the legs.

Pull Ups

Pull Ups

These body weight exercises are more intense and stronger than push-ups. Choose an area in your home such as the basement with an open beam or a doorway that has a beam above it. You can perform them with the bars to build up your muscle mass. If you are a beginner, begin with one pull up and proceed to perform two push-ups simultaneously.Now proceed to do two pull ups, then repeat four push-ups. Now take a 30 second break and start from the base once again. Now maintain this style until you reach the progression of 5 pull-ups and 10 push-ups. Repeat this for three to four times.

Whole Body Circuit


You can get the effect of whole body muscle building at home with the help of a circuit routine for your whole body. You can try to inculcate push-ups and pull ups which you can perform with rest in between the first phase of work outs.

Then proceed to perform the same without any workouts. Then perform triceps dips by holding on to a chair with your back facing the floor and extend your arms fully. You can also combine squats with these workouts.