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6 Simple Ways To Stretch Your Calf Muscles

Calf muscles are present on the back side of the lower leg and is made up of two muscles, namely the gastrocnemius which is the larger calf muscle and the soleus which the smaller one. The main function of calf muscles is that it helps in pulling up the heel region of the leg during […]

6 Effective Split Stretches For Beginners

Splits stretches are physical exercises in which both of your legs are in straight line and are extended in opposite direction. The split stretches are excellent exercise if you want to keep your body flexible and strong. The exercise is very effective in order to strengthen the leg muscles. Split stretches is an excellent exercise […]

5 Weight Loss Tips For Busy Moms

Everyone will agree how busy a mother is loaded all the time with household chores, kids and jobs they need to attend to! And in managing all of the above together, they mostly forget to take care of their health and which results into weight gain apart from other health issues. Thus, given below are […]

10 Benefits Bicycle Crunch Exercise

If you are a health freak and are looking to make a toned abs to flaunt, bicycle crunch is the exercise you should be looking to incorporate in your exercise regime. Many people brag about having a six pack ab. But if you want to rule over them by having a smashing and irresistible eight […]

10 Serious Side Effects Of Starving

Starvation can be defined as a condition whereby an individual severely cuts down food intake to restrict calorie intake. It can be intentional or may be imposed upon owing to medical conditions such as bulimia or anorexia. While the prescribed starvation is well diagnosed by physicians where every physiological change is monitored and the consequences […]

7 Yoga Poses That Helps In Building Body Strength

“Yoga teaches us to cure what need not to be endured and endure what cannot be cured” -B.K.S. Iyengar founder of Iyengar yoga.To keep up with the pace and be updated in this modern day we have almost forgotten to take care of ourselves and indulge more and more nutrient-poor modern day diet. As a […]

10 Simple Tips to Exercise In Cold Weather

Although our country is a mostly summer oriented country, but the winters can be as cold as it can get especially on the northern side of the country. Working out in this situation can be a concern for any one and people may feel reluctant to go out and resume their usual exercising schedule. As […]

10 Chest Fly Exercise And Its Benefits

For those who want to have a well toned upper body, chest exercise is something that you must incorporate in schedule. As chest exercise can not only build your chest but can also help to shape up your other body parts such as biceps, triceps, shoulder, lats, abdomen etc. that function as stabilizers in these […]

5 Effective Exercises For Toned Buts

Everybody loves to have their buts toned. Some people are born with beautifully toned buts but for others, who really want to have their buts toned, must perform some buts exercises. Here Are Some Of The Best And Effective Exercises For Toned Buts. Squats Another form squats, usually done to give a proper muscular structure […]

5 Warm Up Exercises Before Doing Cardio

It is always advisable to do exercises in order to keep your body fit, strong and free from diseases. But one should not carry on with any kind of exercises especially the cardio exercises before doing some warm up exercises. Sudden start of cardio exercises may have some negative impact on your body which will […]

5 Fat Burning Leg Exercises

Adding on the calories in your body is not good for health. There is no harm in eating junk or oily food, but one must work out on a daily basis so that there is no fat deposit in your body. Fat deposited in your body can lead to various diseases like obesity, cholesterol, high […]

5 Fun And Interesting Group Exercise Ideas

Exercises can be fun and entertaining when done in groups. A lot of people don’t like to work out alone, so working out in groups is fun and also it boost your moral and motivates you. Not only that, it also makes you feel stress free and increases your capacity of working out. If you […]

7 Exercises You Are Doing Wrong In The Gym

We all go to the gym to burn those extra kilos and to remain fit, but has anyone ever wondered that while going to the gym, if your not working out under the trainers’ observation you might end up spoiling your physic. Exercising is good and is a must, but doing it correctly is also […]

5 Simple Dumbbell Exercises For Major Muscle Groups

Dumbbell exercises are very common amongst those who want to reduce the fat around their arms or to strengthen the arms and make muscles. The dumbbell exercises are most amongst the men, but even girls do it, to get a stronger arm. The dumbbell exercises should be done properly and it effectively maintains the strength. […]

8 Best Rotator Cuff Exercises After Surgery

Shoulder Injury is something that we see often in lot of people. This injury is caused by various reasons common amongst them is while playing sports game or lifting your hand wrongly. Once you find a pain in your shoulder you must visit a doctor, and get it treated. After your surgery, it is very […]

7 Exercises To Shun Jiggle Wiggly Arms

Whether be it because of your age or your excessive body fat, jiggle wiggly arms can spoil your look and often can also lower your confidence to go out on social occasions wearing some beautiful sleeve-less dress. Skin sagging with age or deposition of excessive fat on your lower side of the upper arm i.e. […]

7 Exercises To Tighten That Baggy Skin After Weight Loss

Losing excess weight can be a challenge, but losing baggy skin resulting from the weight loss can often be an even greater challenge. The problem of sagging skin, post weight loss are most prominently observed on your face and chin, neck, chest, under arms, lats, belly and thighs. Here we mention some of the simple […]

5 Home Remedies To Reduce Body Weight

Plenty of artificially made products are available today in the market which claims to reduce body weight. But how credible are these products? Many of them have side effects and every individual reacts to these products differently. So why not avoid the risk and follow natural remedies to lose weight. Below are 5 natural home […]