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5 Best Exercises To Increase Lung Capacity

Oxygen is very important for the function of all cells. Lung is one of the major system in the body which supply oxygen to everywhere in the body. Breathing exercises increase the ability of the body to absorb more oxygen. We can increase the capacity and the function of the lungs by practising exercises. Here […]

5 Steps To Do Concentration Curls For Strong Biceps And Forearms

Concentration Curls is a type of exercise that is done to build strong biceps and forearms. This type of workout works towards building the strength of the primary muscles – biceps. Forearms are the secondary muscles that also get strengthened with this move. Both men and women can perform this exercise. This exercise is simple […]

6 Effectual Benefits Of Walking Lunges On The Body

Lunges are the form of exercise that can help in achieving the goal of having properly shaped lower body, making the hip more flexible, developing strength and building the strong muscle tissues. The lunges can be modified according to the kind of fitness you need. It can be performed under several levels varying from simple […]

7 Beneficial Forms Push-Ups For Women

You must have seen men performing push ups to build bulky and strong triceps. Pushups are equally beneficial for women as well. It strengthens the bones and muscles of their upper body, core and triceps. There are various variations of pushups and can be done by women easily. These amazing variations need the contraction of […]

5 Therapeutic Yoga Poses For Good Health

Only physical strength is not sufficient, one should be mentally and emotionally strong too. Yoga addresses to all the key aspects – physical, spiritual and emotional aspects of a person that helps in complete development of a person. Performing these poses regularly brings equanimity in a person. In This Article We Will Look At Five […]

10 Inexplicable Ways To Get Washboard Abs

Everyone wishes for well-toned and tighter abs. It makes one look attractive and presentable. Trim figure increases your self-esteem and makes you feel happy. There are some cool and simple ways that will take your workout to the next stage. Doing these amazingly simple moves you would start developing abs in your abdomen. A six […]

10 Vestibular Exercises Along With Their Benefits

When the coordination with mind and various body parts fail to match then it leads to a health problem called vestibular disorder. This disorder leads to lack of vision and impaired hearing power. To promote better co-ordination in the body movements according to the signals received from the brain there are special kind of exercises […]

10 Effectual Benefits Of Goblet Squat

Goblet squat has been introduced by Dan John. It acts as a technique for large number of individuals on how to perform squat without the use of a large list of cues. The method to pick up a dumbbell or a kettlebell automatically helps to provide initial cues that are required to perform good squat. […]

5 Effectual Ankle Sprain Exercises To Try Out

Ankle sprain, generally is an injury caused in the ligaments which connects the bones of the ankle, foot as well as the lower leg. It is comprised of two different types, like an inversion injury, where the ankle turns outward and foot twists inward, and the other is eversion injury, where the ankle turns inward […]

6 Side Effects Of Gm Diet You Should Be Aware Of

GM eating regimen is a remarkable slimming down arrangement which helps in decreasing up to 10-17 lbs. inside of 7 days. Diminishment of weight is essential objective in anybody’s life, and with that comes the advantage of the vibe of looking great. It not just enhances the mental state and in addition disposition of any […]

5 Simple Steps To Practice Star Jumps Along With Its Advantages

To get a perfect body shape without going to the gym, star jump can be an effective method. It emphasises on stretching muscles and increasing muscular power. This plyometric is a freehand exercise and can be performed anywhere and anytime according to one’s convenience. The Simple Steps To Practice Star Jumps Are Discussed Below. Arrange […]

6 Effectual Aqua Aerobic Exercises

Aqua Aerobics is good for everyone. These exercises are the safest way to remain in shape while not stretching much with heavy weights. But before you jump into this workout, consult your doctor and appoint a good trainer to learn these exercises properly. It is beneficial for stress related woes, burns a lot of fat […]

4 Steps To Do Shoulder Shrug Exercise

Shoulder shrugs when performed focus on building your upper trapezius muscles which are also called as the traps. This area is located on the upper back and across the back region of the shoulders. You must have seen many of the wrestlers, body builders, football and hockey players with wide, big and strong traps. These […]

10 Best Kettlebell Exercises And Their Benefits

Kettlebell can add a lot of variation to your daily exercise regime. It leads to the formation of the centre of gravity and helps in balancing your body. It is really fabulous when you wish to build a stronger core and dense muscle mass. In This Article We Are Going To Tell You About Ten […]

7 Prenatal Antenatal Exercises And Their Benefits

Pregnancy is a very crucial phase for every woman. To reduce the hidden worries, mood swings, tension and promote overall wellbeing you need to keep exerting your body a little with a set of few exercises on a daily basis. You may have found yourself in a situation where you were compelled to eat servings […]

5 Hamstring Exercises And Their Benefits

Strong and toned hamstrings are the most desirable aspect of a body. This feature is very essential when it comes to talking about a well-built body. You must have seen many of the sportsman, body builders etc. with dense lower body muscles and hamstrings. Be a woman and men, legs form the major, dense and […]

5 Easy Steps To Do Pec Deck Exercise For Toned Chest

Some people are seen with flabby chest which makes them feel inferior and look bad. In such cases one requires exercises that specifically helps in building up the muscle mass along with shredding excess of deposited on the chest. Pec dec exercises also called as butterfly exercise are one of those exercises which are extremely […]

8 Effectual Bridge Exercises Along With Their Benefits

Bridge workout is a full body workout which exercises your lower body, back, shoulders, triceps, arms, neck and abdomen muscles in an effective way. It is one such beneficial and effective workout schedule that comprises of exercises that works on all the parts of the body. In This Article We Will Tell You About Eight […]

5 Effective Stretches To Tighten Your Thigh Muscles

With the kind of seating jobs prevalent in the world where exercising is not done religiously, the issues of cramp and pain in the thighs are normal. To prevent such instances certain stretch exercises are there which are easy to follow. Some Of The Effective Stretches To Tighten The Thigh Muscles Are Discussed Below Seated […]

5 Effective Types Of Aerobic Endurance Training Program

With the kind of busy lifestyle people are leading these days, there is lesser time to take care of the body and keep oneself fit. Here comes in the aerobic endurance training programs which take relatively lesser time, are fun and relatively simple to carry out each day! Moreover, they help in shedding the extra […]

5 Types Of One Arm Dumbbell Rows Along With Its Benefits

To those who want to own svelte back, one arm dumbbell row can prove to be magical for them. This exercise is easy to perform and give incredible benefits. It enhances your back appearance by shedding off excess fat from those regions. The dumbbell rows exercise which you perform by both of your hands exercises […]

10 Effectual Benefits Of Flutter Kicks Exercise On Your Body

Making efforts to get young and toned body is becoming an obsession nowadays. Whether you are a teenage girl or a woman everyone wants to get into a good shape to flaunt. Most of the women suffer from a very common problem: excess of fat accumulation around their stomach, arms, thighs and hips. How much […]

6 Variations Of V Ups Exercise Along With Its Benefits

Have you got bored of doing the same exercises in your gym again and again? If you are looking to bring some novelty into your boring exercise regime then V-Up could be best for you!! The V-Up is an abdominal exercise that needs balancing of your body on the sit bones by keeping your legs […]

5 Easy Steps Of Knee Push Ups

Knee push is a modified form of normal push up where you perform push ups with your knees bent on the floor. Here the weight and resistance of your upper body is used to build strength and stamina of the body. The muscles of the upper body like deltoids, triceps and pectorals are involved in […]

10 Effectual Exercises To Tighten Your Glutes

Glutes are the most important of the muscle group in the body and which helps the body to prevent injuries, keeping in shape and also improves performance too! Some of the effective exercises which tighten the glutes are discussed below. These Are Exercises To Tighten Your Glutes Stability Ball Bridge This exercise form increases the […]

10 Beneficial Stretching Exercises For Computer Users

If you are among those who constantly work on computers for a longer period of time then it could lead you to various health issues. Pain and stiffness in the muscles especially in the neck, back, wrist and fingers are felt. If you take these issues lightly then it would take the shape of a […]

Glimpse Of Woodchop Workout And The Steps Involved

In order to start talking about wood chop exercise and how to do it, one must know the background of it. What Are Wood Chop Exercises The wood chop exercise regime is fast gaining popularity among the trainers all over the word due to its great and immense variations along with its great benefits associated. […]

7 Effective Exercises For Strengthening Groin Muscles

The groin muscles are of extreme importance, given the kind of abuse they face while a person exercises and walks throughout the day. Happy groin and adductor muscles actually make sure that the legs are stronger and it improves balance as well. Here Are Some Best Exercises For Strengthening Groin Muscles Band Abduction This one […]

9 Effective Exercise For The Survivors Of Breast Cancer

The surgery performed to get rid of breast cancer relieves one from the deadly cancer but leaves pain in the operated area. The surgery aims at elimination of lymph nodes during mastectomy without removing the breast tissue. This is the main reason behind the post operational pain. In this article we will tell you about […]

10 Important Points Of Ghetto Workout You Need To Know

The best part of Ghetto workout is that it does not require help of any equipment. This way it gives two benefits, one is that when you don’t have access to the gym you can still workout your body muscles and the second good thing is that it prevents you from injuries that some of […]