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17 Healthy Foods Before And After A Workout

When it comes to fitness, nearly everybody thinks that starving is the best way to get back into shape. But, let me tell you that such a practice does more harm to the body than any good. Along with a good exercise regime good and proper diet is also necessary for getting that perfect figure. […]

13 Ways To Recover Post Strenuous Workout

Your busy schedule of life must have kept you away from the gym for quite some time. Or, may be, you have hit the gym for the first time in your life after constant coaxing from your near dear ones. It is for sure that either you ways you will be suffering from tremendous body […]

8 Best Couch Exercises For A Toned Body

You have had a really tiring routine since days and so now you decide to take some days off from work. You decide to stay indoors and become a couched potato munching into food and doing no chores of the day. At times, such break from work is good for the body and mind. But […]

7 Fun Workouts For Couples

Workout can be fun when having a partner to accompany you and I think there can be no better partner than your spouse. Exercising together for a couple is good for motivating each other to get into the workout regime daily. It also helps to spend quality time with each other that strengthens the relation […]

8 Best Exercises For Hips And Abs

Have you been searching the web for the best exercises that will burn the belly fat and give you toned hips and abs. Well, this is the right place for getting the complete guide to the exercises that will help you to get the correct figure. Here, I have provided some exercises for the hips […]