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5 Core Conditioning Exercises For Flexibility And Stability

Do you need to do core conditioning workouts? These are much more than crunches which are done mainly for those six pack abs. Crunches are known to train just a single muscle of your core – what about conditioning the other different muscles which are an integral part of your core? These include the important […]

5 Beginners Barbell Exercises For Powerful And Strong Biceps

As beginners start their workout schedule, they look forward to building powerful biceps muscles. Muscular arms with great muscle power are the dream of many, but one of the most difficult to achieve. However, barbell exercises are known to be really effective in building powerful bicep muscles. Barbells help in challenging the muscles, help in […]

5 Exercises To Strengthen And Power Your Lateral Deltoids

Lateral deltoids are important muscles which are located on top of your shoulders. These are often said to be the most neglected muscles in spite of their immense importance. These shoulders play a crucial role in assisting external and internal rotation. These muscles are important to train for bodybuilders and weightlifters so that they do […]

5 Exercises To Strengthen Abdominal Wall Muscles For Bodybuilders

Strengthening abdominal wall muscles is extremely important as it helps in improving circulation and building power. If you are a sportsperson and looking for fitness and health, you need to strengthen the inner abdominal muscles. These also help in building overall stability and flexibility. When the abdominal wall muscles are strengthened, it implies you have […]

5 Abdominal Hollowing Exercises For Building Strong Core Muscles

Have you tried the abdominal hollowing exercises as you workout to build strong core muscles? Abdominal hollowing exercises are an effective way to workout your abdominal muscles. You can slowly pull your abs in with the movement. This exercise works by drawing in of the stomach close towards the spine. This helps in activating the […]

5 Transverse Abdominal Muscles Exercises For Strength And Fitness

Transverse abdominal muscles are one of the deepest muscles which make up the abdominal system. These muscles should be worked on regularly for improved sports performance, as they play an important role in spine strength and fitness. The muscle is quite like a girdle. It plays a major role in getting strength and stability. Including […]

5 Inner Abdominal Muscle Strengthening And Stretching Workouts

If you are trying to tone your inner abdominal muscles and improve their strength, you need to focus on a few stretching and tightening workouts for the inner abdominal muscles. These muscles are one of the most crucial muscles, which help in building strength and flexibility of the muscles. Stretches help in improving blood circulation, […]

5 Exercises For Lower Trapezius Strengthening And Endurance

Strengthening the lower trapezius muscles is quite important as these muscles are responsible for flexibility, improved performance and strength of the muscles. Many bodybuilders often neglect working out these specific muscles, which can lead to increased chances of injuries during workout. Exercises which strengthen the lower trapezius muscles help in muscle growth, strength and offer […]

5 Glute Exercises For Butt Muscles Strengthening, Toning And Lifting

Glutes are the most powerful and one of the largest muscle groups of our body. These muscles power us up and play an important role in our quickness and agility. Those who spend long hours sitting at a place or those who need great agility (athletes, sportsperson) need to concentrate a lot on glute exercises. […]

5 Easy Muscle Strengthening And Toning Floor Workouts For Women

Women who do not wish to workout on machines or other gym equipment can try out a few easy to do indoor floor exercises. These exercises are equally beneficial, help in improving pelvic circulation, reduce congestion, tone and improve muscle strength, improve balance and offer great stability. These floor workouts are usually easy and can […]

5 Lower Body Stability Ball Exercises For Women

Lower body exercises with the help of a stability ball help in training the lower back, pelvic and the abdominal muscles. These are one of the most difficult muscles to train. These exercises help in stabilizing the lower body muscles and build a strong core. Strong lower body is quite essential for balance, strength and […]

5 Strength And Endurance Building Exercises To Improve Sports Performance

You might be a sportsman or a bodybuilding, improving your power for better performance is something we all look forward to. Though there are several workouts for the purpose, there are a few intense strength and endurance workouts, which work to improve your game performance. Intense strength workouts help in building power, strength, and ability […]

5 Exercises For Building Strong And Powerful Anterior Deltoids

The anterior deltoid muscles are important muscles of the body which help in developing a balanced physique, help in building strength and offer great flexibility to the body. These muscles are involved in different functional movements of the body, which play a crucial role in improving the athletic performance of an individual. Exercises for superior […]

6 Kettlebell Exercises To Build Mass, Strength, And Power

If you love to do cardio, you must include kettlebell exercises. These workouts are said to be most effective when you are trying to build strength, power, and mass. It is not just about burning calories at a quick rate, but all about your overall fitness, great strength, and stamina. Kettlebell exercises are never boring, […]

5 Powerful Side Delt Exercises To Build Endurance And Strength

The side delts are located just on the top of shoulders. These are located just between the posterior and anterior deltoid muscles which help in assisting movements such as external and internal rotations. There are several exercises which help in providing power and flexibility to these side delt muscles. Improving the power and flexibility of […]

5 Back Row Exercises To Strengthen Muscles For Bodybuilders

How does one build the best back muscles? Bodybuilder’s spend a lot of time and energy on building back muscles. Strengthening back muscles is not only important for building stability, balance and flexibility of the body, but it is also a good way to keep your circulation healthy. There are a variety of exercises, often […]

6 Beginners Exercises To Strengthen And Stretch Hip Flexors

Are you looking forward to strengthen and stretch your hip flexors? Strong hip flexors are advantageous in many ways. These will not just help in building agility but will also help in quick movement and flexibility. These are very important for athletes, bikers, and runners who need to workout regularly. Include a few exercises every […]

5 Hip Dominant Exercises For Strengthening Leg Muscles And Core

Hip dominant exercises special focus on developing strong quadricep and hamstring muscles. If you are a runner or involved in specific sporting activities which involve quick movement or flexibility, this workout is especially suitable for the purpose. Hip dominant exercises help in reducing the risk of injuries, do not cause undue pressure during workouts and […]

5 Easy Core Strength And Stability Exercises With Fitness Ball

Are you looking forward to workouts which will help in building your core strength and stability? You can use a fitness ball for the purpose, which helps in improving your focus and brings a good balance. There are a number of core strength exercises which are simple but really effective. A fitness ball helps in […]

7 Trunk Muscle Strengthening And Stability Exercises For Beginners

Trunk muscles are undoubtedly one of the most important muscles of the body which need immense focus along with the arms and leg muscles. You need to include a few trunk muscle strengthening exercises in your daily routine, which will help in building power and flexibility for these muscles. If you are able to strengthen […]

6 Exercises To Maximize Arm Strength And Improve Sports

Sportsmen and bodybuilders look forward to maximize their arm strength and build power, which will help in improving their sports performance. Though there are several exercises which help in maximizing arm strength, all such workouts might not be totally focused. If you are looking forward to improve your training, maximize results and improve sports performance, […]

6 Ab Stretches And Warm-Up Exercises Before Work-Out Sessions

A few stretches or warm-up exercises before your workout helps in ensuring a productive workout session. Ab stretches and warm-up exercises are quite important, as they help in waking up your muscles, so that you are able to do each exercise with the most muscle contractions. These stretches and warm-up exercises also help in assuring […]

5 Exercises For Slim Shoulders And Strong Back Muscles For Women

Women’s workout is a little different from the schedule of men. Some of the prime areas, which should never be ignored are slimming of shoulders and strong back muscles. Slim shoulders mean better flexibility and strong back muscles help in staying fit and healthy. If back muscles are not well developed or toned, it can […]

5 Single Leg Exercises For Endurance, Power And Removing Imbalances

Single leg strength should never be ignored – especially when you are an athlete or into fitness. Single leg training is essential in building endurance, gives power to the thigh and leg muscles and helps in removing imbalances of the body. These exercises are quite common and help in focuses on leg muscles mainly. Most […]

6 Unilateral Exercises For Muscle Building, Stability And Balance

Unilateral exercises help in working out the deep muscles of the body, help in keeping the muscles engaged and work on building stability and balance. These exercises are highly recommended for athletes and weight lifters who need to focus on strengthening their core muscles. It is important to develop some crucial core muscles with such […]

5 Exercises For Strengthening And Toning Inner Arm Muscles

  Does your inner arm fat bother you? Flabby inner arms are the most difficult areas to workout and unfortunately one of the most ignored areas too. However, if your inner arm is not toned or strengthened, it can actually hamper your performance. This is especially in the case of sportsperson and athletes who need […]

5 Bodyweight Cardio Exercises For Women’s Fitness And Agility

Cardio exercises are popular among men and women alike. Bodyweight cardio exercises for women’s fitness and agility are specific exercises, which are known to help in burning fat and gaining muscle strength. These exercises help in increasing your heart rate, works out all the important muscles, helps in fat loss and builds flexibility and agility. […]

Top 5 Calf Exercises Without Weight For Strength And Fitness

Calves are mainly about two muscles which need to be worked upon regularly so that they are well built, flexible and toned too. Irony is that these muscles are the most difficult to strengthen or build, which is why weights are primarily used. However, everyone might not be comfortable with weights or weights might not […]

5 Shoulder Stability Exercises For Weightlifters And Athletes

Weightlifters and athletes all over the world, face one common problem – the ability to have healthy and stable shoulders. Regular training and strict schedule, often causes problems with the shoulders. With a few shoulder stability exercises included in an everyday routine, it is now possible to achieve shoulder flexibility and stability. These exercises offer […]

5 Barbell Exercises For Building Triceps Muscles Mass And Strength

Tricep muscles are an important part of the upper-arm mass. It is the dream of fitness enthusiasts, to build thick triceps. Though there are several ways to do triceps exercises for building muscle mass, use of barbells is the most recommended. They help in working out all the interior muscles, help in building strength, mass […]