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5 No-Equipment Back Exercises For Improved Strength And Power

No equipment back workouts are quite popular these days, who are tired visiting the gym. These exercises can be done from home or even when you are holidaying and have no access to equipment. These exercises are often said to be suitable for beginners, who find it difficult using gum equipment. In case your gym […]

6 Cardio Exercises For Runners To Improve Running And Build Endurance

Cardio exercises are one of the most recommended techniques for runners to improve and build their stamina and endurance levels. It helps in increasing heart rate and also helps in boosting metabolism, which help to lose weight and build strength. Cardio exercises also help in strengthening core muscles, improve circulation and helps in overall improvement […]

6 Pulling Exercises For Bodybuilder’s Upper Body Strength And Power

Exercises which involvement pulling a weight or resistance help in building strength and power, especially in the case of bodybuilder’s. Those who are looking forward to building muscle mass, power and improved agility are also known to benefit a lot from these effective exercises. These exercises are easy and can be performed by beginners too. […]

5 Exercises To Reduce Scapular Tightness and Improve Mobilty For Better Sports

Scapular muscles are crucial since they are attached to many muscles, which play an important role in building mobility. If the scapular muscles are tight and immobile, they can cause immense damage and strain when working out. In case of sportsmen this is a leading cause of failure to perform during crucial times. Scapular tightness […]

5 Exercises For Reducing Tightness And Stiffness Of Trap Muscles

Trap muscles are often not taken into serious consideration when a workout plan is made for any person. However, tight trap muscles can lead to increased tension and risk of injury. Trap muscles are an important part of the shoulder grid. Healthy trap muscles help in stabilizing the arm and also for comfortable rotation and […]

6 Shoulder Mobility And Conditioning Exercises For Bodybuilders

Bodybuilders or fitness freaks need to pay a lot of attention on their shoulders flexibility, strength and posture. Arched shoulders or bent over shoulders will cause strain and injury in your muscles, which will cause disruption in your regular performance. These effective super conditioning exercises help in keeping the shoulders pulled back and help in […]

5 Exercises For Building Strength Of Trapezius Muscles For Bodybuilders

Did you ever notice the slightly muscled and curved neck of bodybuilders? How do they build such muscles? The reason is because, they workout their trapezius muscles, which are located just below the skull and are across the shoulders. They move down to the spine region in a V shape. It is very important to […]

6 Exercises To Strengthen The Stabilizer Muscles In Shoulders

The stabilizer muscles in the shoulder girdle are of utmost importance because they determine the strength and power of your arms. If these muscles turn weak, they will increase the risk of injuries and strains. Include specific exercises to strengthen these stabilizer muscles which will help in building flexibility, will keep your shoulder and back […]

5 Rhomboids Strengthening And Flexibility Exercises For Bodybuilders

Rhomboids are an important layer of the back muscles which are important for shoulder strength and flexibility. Bodybuilders who are looking forward to strong shoulders for lifting purpose or to reduce the risks of injuries should necessarily include these exercises in their regular training session. If these muscles are strengthened and flexible, there are reduced […]

5 Biceps Strengthening And Power Building Exercises For Women

  Women are also quite fond of toned and love to train their biceps just as men do, especially those who are looking forward to improved sports performance with better strength power and grip. Biceps exercises for women are aimed towards building functional strength, power, and endurance which brings in confidence and poise. Do away […]

5 Exercises For Latissimus Dorsi Strength And Power

  Latissimus dorsi are a big group of muscles and are flat in structure. These are broad muscles which should be strong and powerful for great sports performance and are equally important for bodybuilders too. These muscles have several functions, which include quick movement, building flexibility and agility and offering support to the core. Exercises […]

Top 6 Ab Exercise Equipment In Gyms For Beginners

  Gyms are loaded with a variety of equipment, which works to help in different kinds of workouts.Beginners are especially clueless when they visit the gym for the first time. It is important to know about the right equipment, which will help in working out a specific section of your body. Ab exercise equipment are […]

7 Training Tips To Improve Workout Intensity For Bodybuilders For Better Fitness

Improving your workout intensity is a way to make the most of your fitness routine. Time and again, you need to find ways which will help in building your workout intensity, so that you are able to achieve greater fitness levels with the time you spend on working out. Professional trainers often make an assessment […]

5 Exercises For Building Powerful And Flexible Deltoid Muscles

Deltoid muscles are located at the sides of your shoulders and play a major role in your flexibility and building power in case of sportsmen and bodybuilders. If these muscles lack flexibility and power, there are increased chances of getting injured and hurt during workouts. There are many exercises which help in building the flexibility […]

7 Light And Easy Recovery Exercises For Hamstring Strain

Hamstring strain can be painful and if not taken care of on time, it can be quite detrimental for your fitness schedule. Though strains are quite a common occurrence and might happen anytime during a workout session, they need to be tackled with care. A few light exercises are often recommended for recovering from a […]

5 Exercises For Recovering From Sore Bicep Muscles For Bodybuilders

Bicep muscles are one of those muscles which are constantly at work and get little or almost inadequate rest. Thus, bicep muscles are prone to maximum injury and soreness, due to prolonged and often repetitive lifting. Bodybuilders who work with weights suffer from sore bicep muscles quite frequently. The muscles get fatigued and are often […]

6 Stomach Exercises And Stretches For Flexibility And Toning

Stomach muscles tend to get tight and often lack flexibility. This can be a great hindrance for optimum performance in case of sportsmen. These super exercises help in tightening the muscles and toning, which ensures smooth performance and lowers the chances of injury. These exercises and stretches are just perfect for those who face problems […]

6 Exercises To Stretch Bicep Muscles And Improve Flexibility

You might be feeling a bit stiffness in your upper arms or you just might feel like adding a bit of flexibility to your biceps, exercises to stretch bicep muscles are always helpful. These stretches help in toning and also strengthening your muscles. They improve blood circulation, help in reducing tightness and stiffness of the […]

6 Pre-Workout Nutritious Protein Smoothies For Bodybuilders Strength And Endurance

A protein smoothie before a workout can help any bodybuilder stay strong and healthy. Proteins are quite recommended for those who are trying to build muscles, since they help in strengthening and the growth of muscles. These nutritious protein smoothies are healthy, light and are just perfect before a workout session. Before your workout, it […]

6 Easy Abdominal Stretching And Toning Workouts To Reduce Tightness

Abdominal muscles can get really tight, without you even realizing. This happens especially in cases of those who spend long hours sitting in the same position, whether it is watching television or sitting in the car or simply lying down. Tight abdominal muscles can reduce flexibility, cause injury and leads to accumulation of fat in […]

7 Beginners Nutritious Breakfast Foods For Power, Energy and Fitness

Beginners need to kick start their day with a highly nutritious, low-calorie breakfast. Breakfast should be delicious, in a variety and high in nutrition to satiate all nutrition needs. The body craves for fuel after a workout and this is the time, one needs to feed the muscles. Breakfast should not just be filling, it […]

6 Beginners Exercises To Reduce Knee Stiffness and Improve Muscle Flexibility

Do you feel weak in your knees even after light exercising? Do you frequently experience some kind of joint pain and stiffness? Knee stiffness is one of the most common problems faced by teenagers. Pain in the knees or inability to move knees can be a big hindrance to your regular workout sessions. Stretching exercises […]

7 Beginners Ball Exercises For Endurance, Power And Strength

Ball exercises are often thought to be difficult, tough and risky for beginners. However, the effectiveness of ball exercises in building muscles, strength, and power can never be denied. Ball exercises should ideally be done under the guidance of experts. Beginners should be careful about the duration spent on the ball which will help to […]

12 Tips To Improve Lower Abdominal Muscle Training and Train Better

  Lower abdominal exercises are an important part of working out, which are equally important for men and women. These exercises are usually same but the main difference is in their reruns. If you are not doing the exercises correctly, you might not be able to see the results as you expect. It is often […]

6 Beginners Floor Mat Exercises For Whole Body Workout And Fat Loss

Floor mat exercises for beginners are simple to do workouts but they are highly effective, if done in the correct way. These exercises can be done from home as the main requirement for these exercises is an open space and mat. These exercises help women to workout their whole body and lose fat from difficult […]

6 Beginners Pilates Exercises For Strength And Fitness

Pilates exercises have gained immense popularity since the early 20th century. These are the best exercises, especially for beginners who are looking forward to fitness and great strength. Pilates movements help in building solid core muscles, help in building overall fitness and offer great strength. Pilates offer several benefits as they help in working out […]

7 Nutrition Dense Fruits For Bodybuilder’s Diet

We all agree that bodybuilding isn’t a cake walk. It requires great determination, hours of training and a stringent diet. Nutrition and diet play an equally important along with training or exercises. Fruits and vegetables are an important part of bodybuilder’s diet as they offer much-needed minerals and vitamins. Nutrition dense fruits include all those […]

6 Low Intensity Exercises To Recover From Hamstring Injury Or Strain

Hamstrings are one of those muscles which tend to get the most injured or sprain. In case of injury or sprain, first and foremost, you should get in touch with your physiotherapist or Doctor. Based on the person’s recommendation, you need to start with light exercises which help in recovering from hamstring injuries or strains. […]

6 Exercises For External Abdominal Oblique Muscles Strength

As we bend our body to a side or as we rotate our upper body, we are actually working on our external abdominal obliques. Extending along the sides of our torso and in the abdominal region, these muscles play an important role in building our core strength, balance, and flexibility. As we strengthen these muscles, […]

5 Athletes Hamstring Stretches For Better Flexibility And Performance

Hamstring muscles are crucial for athletes and sportspeople. If these muscles are tight and lack flexibility, it can lead to injury and pain. Besides, performance tends to get hampered if the muscles are tight and lack flexibility. There are a few specific stretches which help in removing the tightness of these muscles. These exercises also […]