7 Benefits Of Mountain Climber Exercise


Benefits Of Mountain Climber Exercise

Mountain climber exercise has the benefit of being a short yet challenging exercise which you can perform to tone your legs and abdomens. In order to do this exercise, you need to lie down flat on the floor with your face towards the floor. You then need to touch your knees to the ground and straighten your arms. Lift yourself by the palms of your hand at slightly more than shoulder width apart.

Place your legs in a lunge position by placing one foot forward and the other backwards.

Contract your abdomen as your feet jump and switch positions. Alternate the feet to achieve maximum benefits.

Switch the feet fast in order to attain a good cardiovascular workout.

7 Importance Of Mountain Climber Exercise

1. Building Total Body Strength

Building Total Body Strength

Mountain climber exercise is vital for increasing total body strength. It is a calisthenic exercise which works out the entire body.You are able to exercise multiple body parts such as the abdomen and legs. It also makes your shoulder and arms stronger.  It increases your fitness levels.

2. Strengthening The Abdomen

Strengthening The Abdomen

In order to strengthen your abdomen, the mountain climber exercise is a must. You exercise the core in order to strengthen your back and maintain your balance. This proves to be a good workout for your abdomen.

For a chiseled and toned abdomen, you need to perform the mountain climber exercise.

3. Increasing Cardiovascular Fitness

Increasing Cardiovascular Fitness

The mountain climber exercise improves cardiovascular fitness.  As it is a total body workout, it increases the heart rate and improves the health of your heart.You can increase the intensity of this exercise by moving your feet faster so that your cardiovascular fitness is positively impacted.

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4. Shedding Calories

Shedding Calories

With a vigorous exercise such as mountain climber exercise, you are able to lose calories and shed the fat. The mountain climber exercise increases your metabolic rate.

Therefore, fat is burned at a faster rate and you are able to get rid of excess fat.

5. Toning The Body

Toning The Body

Mountain climber exercise tones the body and exercises various muscles. The mountain climber exercise enables you to lose flab and achieve a more toned look. You get to exercise a lot of muscles and it helps you to get a chiseled and sculpted look.

6. Maintaining The Ideal Body Weight

Maintaining The Ideal Body Weight

The mountain climber exercise also helps you to maintain ideal body weight. By helping you to shed excess calories, it can give you a toned and sculpted look. This is perfect for ensuring unwanted kilos do not pile up. The mountain climber exercise is a strenuous exercise which helps in keeping the body fit and well shaped.

7. Building Core Strength

Building Core Strength

While performing the mountain climber exercise, the muscles of the abdomen isometrically contract and this strengthens the torso and the core of the body.You will also especially strengthen the lower body by performing this exercise. Price for generic Levitra 20 mg here http://howmed.net/order-levitra-vardenafil/ is very cheap. It is a total body workout which strengthens your core and helps you to be able to gain endurance and stamina.

8. Exercising Multiple Muscles

The mountain climber exercise tones multiple muscles in the body. Single as well as joint muscles are exercised and this helps in muscle building. Mountain climber exercise is ideal for toning and building multiple muscles.

 Exercising Multiple Muscles