6 Best Bodybuilding Workout Routine

It’s often a great confusion when it comes to choosing the best workout routine for bodybuilding. If you are looking forward to get ripped, you must know the insight of bodybuilding.

Always having a clear idea of what muscle groups to target that particular day will help you build muscles effectively. It’s one of the top most priorities for a trainer to know what training methods or workouts would help forward for building that dream body.Also it’s essential to understand the factors that play their role in building lean muscle mass. So a workout routine that involves these principles will prove more beneficial.

6 Best Bodybuilding Workout Routine

You can make you own workout routine where each day you will work on specific muscle groups and giving a day for rest.

Bench Press

Bench press is an important exercise for toning upper body. It works on chest, shoulders and triceps as well. Lie on the bench and place the weight on the barbell by taking shoulder’s width grip.Lift the barbell off the rack and press down slowly until it touches a little above the upper chest. And as you raise the barbell, extend the arms fully. Once you get the right movement, you can go for heavier weights. Do about 20 repetitions in 3 sets.

Military Press

It’s one of the best shoulder building exercise that you can do at gym. First you will need to put proper weight on barbell that you want to lift.
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Grab the barbell from the floor with your hands taking shoulder’s width and raise the weight to your shoulder level and then above your head.By keeping back straight and abs in, slowly lower the weight down until it come close to upper chest, wait for a second at that moment. Then raise the barbell up by extending your arms. Do about 14 repetitions in 3 sets.

Triceps Push Down

This is one of the best exercise for triceps. You can use a straight bar or a ” v ” bar for this movement and you can even use a rope. Stand in front of adjustable cable machine and keep your feet together.Give a slight bend in your knees and arch your back. As you hold the bar, your elbows are in front of your hips. Push the bar down and once you are down, lift the bar up just passing 90 degrees and again come down. Do about 20 reps in 3 sets.

Barbell Squats

The most popular exercise for developing rock solid lower body. Squats are a lot harder and challenging exercise. Throughout the workout it’s essential to keep-up correct posture. Make sure you start with moderate weights at the beginning.Front the moment your lift the barbell of the rack, look forward and keep your abs in. As you come down, bend your knees and by using hip movement bring the weight down.Then slowly lift the weight up by using your knees. Squats can also be dangerous if not done correctly. Do about 12 reps in 2 sets.

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Dumbbell Bicep Curls

Any type of curling movement is good for getting big biceps. Take a dumbbell in each hand and stand straight. Your elbows should be close to torso and palms should face forward. That would be your starting position.While keeping your upper arm stationery move or curl the weights up by contracting your biceps, until it reaches shoulder’s level. Wait for a second and bring the weight back down to first position. Repeat the same movement for 20 repetitions in 3 sets.


Crunches is good exercise for abdominal muscles. If you want to get solid abs, you must train your abdominal muscles at least 3 days in a week. Lie on the floor with your hand at back of your head and knees bent up.The movement is the key, so by using your upper body come forward contracting your abs. And again going back slowly to first place.
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Do about 25 reps in 3 sets.


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