5 Best Bodybuilding Workout Techniques

Best Bodybuilding Workout Techniques

The bodybuilding workout techniques involve lifting of heavy weights in order to stimulate the target muscles to increase their mass and endurance. To achieve a symmetrical physique with overall muscular growth you need to focus on each and every muscle group in your body from head to toe.

The items that are usually incorporated in the bodybuilding routines to maximise the results include weight plates, cardiovascular exercises and resistance machines. In the following 7 steps you will find the proper bodybuilding techniques that will help you to refine your physique and provide a symmetrical muscular growth.

Bodybuilding Workout Techniques

1. Cardiovascular Exercises

Cardiovascular Exercises

The cardio machines are not only the body fat trimmer, burning huge calories, but they are also responsible for your healthy heart, training it to continue working more efficiently. The cardiovascular exercises are included in your routine as a part of warming up exercises. Do not spend more than 5 minutes with the warming up exercises before moving on to the cardio machines.

The common cardio machines that are available in almost every fitness centre include stationary bike, treadmill and stair-climber. Start using these machines at their minimum settings and gradually increase the resistance to achieve maximum benefits. In a gym you get to access different types of machines and for this reason it is highly recommended to employ the variety on a fixed time period rotation like 3 or 4 weeks.

2. Core Muscles

Core Muscles

The core muscles include the abdominal muscles and the lower back muscles. The core musculature and the level of resistance that you can pull or push with your limbs define your waist size. Your body takes the responsibility to grow the muscles symmetrically provided you take the care and time to focus on the front as well as back muscles of your core.

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3. Posture

No matter how much you bulge your muscles a perfect posture says a lot about your personality. Though the association of muscle growth and bodybuilding is quite natural, but you must also aim at performing the exercises that oppose the mostly trained muscle groups.


This will definitely prevent you from weight lifting injuries and having a poor posture.

 For example, the upper back muscles oppose the chest muscles and hence, you must train them equally. The biceps workouts must be immediately followed by the triceps workout and quadriceps by hamstrings for your legs.

Try to train all the three shoulder muscles in a single day or in a single workout. Lastly, you should not ignore the calves and gluteals.

4. Workout Intensity and Number of Exercises

Workout Intensity and Number of Exercises

Narrow down the number of exercises with increasing severity of the workouts. If you closely observe the routine of the bodybuilders you will see that the beginners and intermediates have 4 to 6 exercises per workout while it narrows down to 3 to 5 for the advanced.

5. Weight Training

Weight training in your routine must be restricted to 3 days per week. If you are also having the cardio exercises then you can perform the weight exercises for 5 times a week. Avoid jerky movements during workout and allow at least 48 hours of recovery time.

Weight Training