4 Best Bodybuilding Workout

 Best Bodybuilding Workout

Body conscious or finesse freak people always seek proper guidance for having a well shaped, strong and fit body. While some people want some parts of their body to be fit and attractive on the other hand a group of people are crazy for an overall well shaped bodyline.

Not only men but a lot of women seek to have a handsome body and so follow workouts. In actual bodybuilding just not only mean a good shape of the body but it also helps the inner body function to go smoothly. It in fact has a great influence on your mood as well.
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A proper body workout keeps you refreshed all through the day. Muscle building, shoulder fitness, bicep building, all these are parts of bodybuilding and one who is obsessed about his body is always suggested to work on these parts. But before following any work out we must be aware about why are we doing it?

Top 4 Body Building Exercises

Although most of us follow some exercises for building our body still we often miss the best exercises for our body. There can be two reasons behind it.
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Either those are so challenging to carry forward or else we are completely unknown about its existence.
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So here are some of those best bodybuilding exercises that will make your bodyline more prominent and make your body fit.

1. Crush Grip Dumbbell Bench Press

To do this exercise, first sit on a flat bench having a couple of dumbbells in your hand. After that holding the dumbbells on tour chest lie on your back and draw out your arms.
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Press the weight on your chest as much as possible.
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When the dumbbells reach your chest push them up again and repeat the process slowly. It will help to first build muscles in your body and will also help in smoothing the hormone release.

Crush Grip Dumbbell Bench Press

2. Overhead Squat

Having a very high overhand grip hold the barbell of comparatively light weight. Keep your feet and shoulder width apart. Completely draw out your arm, stand straight and then push and press the bar over the head.

Keep in mind that the bar must be kept a little behind your head rather than right over or in front. This should be at the top of your daily exercise since this work out helps in flexibility, makes the shoulder stable and broader, and also develops the serviceable power.

 Overhead Squat

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3. Front Squat

Keep the barbell at your abut deltoids. After that having your forearms crossed in the front side and hold the bar. This exercise helps in adding size to the quads.
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Front Squat

4. Arched Back Pull Up

While most of the workouts only engage either vertical or horizontal pull of the upper body, this very exercise engage the both. It mostly fulfills the abdominal recruitment and helps in adding muscles to the body.

There is a huge list of a large number of exercises other than the above to follow. These workouts not only make the body we shaped but also help in inner body functions and keep the body fit.

Arched Back Pull Up