5 Best Cardio Workout For Abs

Best Cardio Workout For Abs

Cardio exercises are the best form of exercises through which one can lose weight and get the perfect abs. For a Cardio workout, you need not join a gym and spend endless hours going through rigorous exercises. They also give the quickest result as compared to all the other exercises.

Below are a few exercises that will give you instant result if you just spare a little time.

5 Top Cardio Workout For Abs

1. Squat Thrust

Squat Thrust

This is a complete body exercise. Raise your arms above your head while standing tall. Then place your hands on the floor and shift your legs as if you are doing a push-up.

Do a push-up, then bring your legs within the two arms and then stand again. You must start with Five such squats and do three such sets.

You must not exert yourself completely and must increase the number of squats slowly and gradually.

2. Mountain Climbers

Mountain Climbers

Place your hands on the floor and stretch your legs as you do in push ups. Slowly start by bringing the knee of one leg towards the respective hand. The exercise is as if you are running with your hands on the floor. You must start with five climbers and follow three such sets. This exercise is very good for reducing the belly fat.

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3. High Knees

High Knees

This exercise is a very simple and very effective. As you walk, bring the knee up to the waist level. The leg must be parallel to the ground and follow doing this with the other leg.

This exercise is lighter than the previous two exercises mentioned. You can carry out this exercise and can do the repetitions and sets according to your comfort level.

4. Jumping Rope

Jumping Rope

Jumping rope is a very good exercise as it involves the whole body. It is an exercise in which, the jumping rope’s handles are to be present in the individual hands. You must stand tall and must start swinging the rope overhead. While the rope comes with the leg you must jump as well. Repeat the jumping process and continue this exercise. You can also set the exact repetitions and sets for the jumping rope according to your comfort level.

5. Bicycle Exercise

Bicycle Exercise

You must lie with your back on the floor. Place your head in your palms providing your head with light support of your fingers. Bring your knees to your chest and must lift your shoulders to reach for the knees. Bring your right leg towards the left shoulder and straighten your left leg. Do the same with the other leg and continue doing this exercise. Start with three sets having five repetitions.

All the above mentioned exercises are very effective in reducing the belly fat and in getting the perfect abs that one always desire. All these exercises focus on the overall body workout and try to burn as much calories as possible. One believes that crunches are the answer to all their questions, but the fact is that crunches stretch the muscles and they can cause people to gain extra fat. The Cardio exercise focuses on getting your body in complete shape.