3 Best Cardio Workout For Burning Off Fat

Best Cardio Workout For Burning Off Fat

With approaching summer people take up cardio as the best exercise to burn fat that they usually accumulate throughout the winter. One of the worst cause of extra weight is that we do not shed off the weight that we put on during a period of time. Everyone loves to eat and winter is one time when people do not feel like going back to their fitness regime so lets pick up some cardio exercise that can help you get rid of your fat.

Cardio exercises help you reduce because you make use of the accumulated body fat and that helps in improving your health and immunity. These exercises can be done in the gym and even at home.

Usually a treadmill makes you feel bored and the exercise gets monotonous that you leave in a few days.

You actually feel like a rat that is trapped on the wheel forced to run for no reason, if you feel exactly the same then change your routine and get going with something that can give you best results instantaneously and you will even enjoy your workout regime.

A research has proved that a human body needs change and cannot lose weight on a repetitive single dimensional movement like a conveyor belt.

Here are some new cardio drills that can make you sweat and get the fat out of you.

3 Top Fat Burning Cardio Workouts

1. “55” Workout

Start with doing a single body-weight squat with ten pushups, relax for 30 second and then start with another set of two squats and nine pushups.

In every attempt you need to increase your squat by one and decrease the pushup by one.
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Till the time you reach ten squats and one pushup you will be done with around 55 repetition of this exercise. This with give you the benefit of both aerobic training, cardiovascular exercise and your muscles get the pump too.

“55” Workout

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2. 10 Meter Sprints

For this you need to find a place where you can go for a 10 meter sprint. Once you cover the distance, relax only for the while to inhale once and then exhale. You need to breath only through your nose, sprint again and this time when you pause you have to inhale and exhale twice.
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Continue with the drill till with normal breathing and increase the timing of inhaling and exhaling every time you pause till that time you can no longer breath with your nose. With a heavy exercise it takes a lot of effort to breath through the nose than the mouth and this will intensify you workout session.

10 Meter Sprints

3. Jumping Jack Pyramid

You have 10 second to start will, do as many jumping jacks possible and rest for 10 seconds. Next, do jumping jacks for 20 seconds and relax for the same time and again for 30 second.
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Now you need to do it in its reverse order, and the pyramid goes down from 30, 20 to 10 seconds. Do this entire routine thrice you will see some loss in your body weight very soon.

These are the top cardio that can give you effective results and reduces fat from all over the body. These exercises are very simple to do and you you will start enjoying them eventually once you get used to them.

 Jumping Jack Pyramid