6 Best Cardio Workout For Men

6 Best Cardio Workout For Men

These kinds of workouts are meant to strengthen heart as well as burn calories. It also reduces the risk of high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity.
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It builds the endurance and stamina. Interval training is best for cardio for men.

It uses short period of intense exercise followed by period of rest. It allows the body to burn more calories.
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5 Best Cardio Exercise For Men

1. Running


This simple exercises can be used for cardio exercise. One can run at casual speed for about 2 minutes and follow it up with sprint for about 30 seconds.However few things must be taken care of like good pair of running shoes and one must avoid over stressing knees and ankles which may result in some kind of discomfort.

2. Bicycling


It is also one simple and great form of exercising. It helps to improve the health of cardiovascular system to great effect. High intensity cycling particularly uphill can help to reduce the body fat and improve the state of cardiovascular system. Depending upon the body weight an hour of cycling can burn up to 500 calories easily and help heart greatly.

3. Elliptical Trainer

Elliptical Trainer

One of the most common and popular machines in the gym that provides total workout. It helps to build endurance and is a great form of cardio work out for men.

It protects joints from lot of efforts and loading. It also protects them from high impact activities.

It helps burn calories and keeps body in shape. It is one of most complete form of exercise available for work out in modern gyms.

4. Cross Country Skiing

Cross Country Skiing

Whether done in gym or in snow it is great form of cardio exercise for men and it also involves element of fun and adventure in it. As both upper and lower body parts are involved in it. The hand eye coordination and agility also improves in this exercise form. One can burn as many as 350 calories in a time of 30 minutes.

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5. Swimming


One of the best options cardio workouts for men. This kind of exercise involves the whole body and hence much more calories are burnt as a result of it.Trying different strokes while swimming is great fun and helps immensely in cardio workout plans.

Many of the strokes especially the breast stroke involves the use of many muscles which ultimately helps in burning as many as 400 calories in about 30 minutes of time. Swimming is one of the safest forms of cardio workout because the joints are protected from high impact injuries.

6. Step Aerobics

It is a form of exercise done on a raised platform. If done systematically and properly it helps to improve cardiovascular system and burns around 400 calories.
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The amount of calories burnt depends upon the speed of movement, height of platform, body weight and finally on the duration of exercise.

For a healthy cardiovascular system we must have a fixed fitness routine and must also follow that regime strictly. The exercises must comprise of strength training and cardio workouts. The routine should be followed for 5 days in a week for a time duration of 30-60 minutes.