Best Chair Exercises For Seniors

Chair Exercises For Seniors

Chair Exercises For SeniorsMost people think that exercises mean running around and doing strenuous activities which make your body sweat and help you lose fat.

However, this is a complete myth as exercises can be done in many ways and forms with some of the best ones being done while sitting on the chair.

Chair exercises are extremely beneficial for elders and senior people as it helps them to keep their body flexible, provides their muscles with strength and also increases the circulation of blood without putting a lot of pressure on their joints. The 7 best chair exercises for seniors have been mentioned below.

Chair Exercises For Seniors

Tapping The Toe

Sit on a sturdy chair with a straight-back and keep the heels firmly on the ground. Slowly bend your toes upwards and then downwards. If you feel you need to increase the motion’s range, then you need to sit on the chair’s edge and keep your legs fully straight. With the heels on the ground, point the toes up and down for a minimum of 10 times.

Arm Circles

While sitting on the chair, hold a ball above your head. Keeping both your elbows a little bent, make a hug circle by moving the ball towards your left, then down and then to the right, finally bringing it up back again.

Arm Circles

When done, make the circle in the opposite direction, starting with your right side now. Perform this exercise 10 times on each side.

Seated Rowing

In order to get a good motion range, sit on the chair’s edge. Keep your elbows bent and hold out both your arms in front of you so that your thumb is towards the ceiling.

seated rowing exercise

Now slowly draw both your elbows back and go back as much as possible so that your shoulder blades get squeezed together. When done, release the elbows slowly. Repeat 10 to 12 times.

Rolling The Shoulders

Sit absolutely straight on the chair and shrug up both your shoulders as much as you can. Rotate them backwards, then moving down, front and finally back to the top. When done, repeat this exercise in the opposite direction frontwards.

Repeat on each side 10 times.

Twisting The Tummy

You will need an exercise ball for this exercise. Hold the ball near your waist and form a 90 degree angle with your arms. Keep them pulled to your sides. Start the exercise by rotating your upper torso to the right side and go as much as you can.

When done, come back to the middle and then move to the left side. Make sure that only your upper body moves during the exercise.

Repeat this exercise 10 times on both the left and the right side.

Shoulder Raises

Shoulder Raises exercise

Keep both your arms at the sides and the palms straight down. Raise your arms so that they become parallel to the floor and then slowly lower them to the starting position. You need to do this exercise slowly to get maximum benefits from it.

Do 10 such repetitions.

Lifting The knees

Lift the left knee slowly and bring it towards your chest as much as you can. When done, go back to the starting position. Now repeat with the other knee. Perform this exercise alternating the right and left knee 10 times each.