5 Best Diet For Lean Muscle Mass Gaining

5 Best Diet For Lean Muscle Mass Gaining

Everybody want to get that beach ready body. Having lean muscles not only improves your body metabolism but also your overall appearance. You gain weight by eating more food or calories, so it is important to have a strategy that can help your build lean muscles.

With consistent training workouts and proper diet control you can definitely build lean muscles mass. And having lean muscles mass is beneficial, as it improves overall stamina and also helps with weight management on daily basis. So it’s very important for bodybuilders and athletes to have lean muscles.

5 Types of Food to Eat

If you get more proteins to your body, the stimulation of muscle growth would be more. And research says that 35% of calories come from¬†proteins only. So it’s important to eat protein rich foods on daily basis.Take protein rich food like:-

1. Eggs


Egg whites are said to the purest form of proteins. Intake of 2 eggs a day, will you help you build lean muscles than taking normal diet.A bodybuilders diet should consists of more proteins along with some carbohydrates and fats. And egg has cholesterol but it helps to increase testosterone production.

2. Fish


All though fish is a bit costlier than other common proteins rich foods, it’s still beneficial to eat. Fish is only source of food that has proteins and healthy fat at same time, so it’s best to include it into your regular diet. And there are variety of fishes to choose and all will are very good protein sources.

3. Turkey


Turkey can fetch you will good supply of proteins which is required for maintenance of muscles. Weight lifters requires about 2 times more protein intake when compared to normal person, so eating turkey or other forms of poultry will suits their body needs.

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4. Meal Intake

Meal Intake

Since body can use only required amounts of proteins for muscle cell development, its very much important to take proteins in required amounts. Eating more proteins will either increase your muscle mass or strength. Studies says that 1 gram of proteins is required for 1 pound of body weight. Benefits of protein intake is highly superficial and to increase the efficiency you can just divide the course into several meals in a day.

And try to take about 30 grams of proteins along with carbohydrates and healthy vegetables. Some of the carbohydrates are also good but always take them in less quantities.

5. Timing Of the Meal

Timing Of the Meal

Ideally the best time to eat right for building lean muscle mass would definitely be both before and even after working out. Before starting your workout you can grab a small protein rich snack or even boiled eggs, so that your muscles are in continuous supply with amino acids throughout your workout.Immediately after your workout you can go for protein shakes like whey protein mixed in water.

And you final meal is going to be chicken and some red meat like 10 oz pieces, eat it happily with some veggies. Before going to bed, you can another protein shake so that you are having good protein supply throughout your body till tomorrows first meal.