7 Best Diet For Losing Fat

7 Best Diet For Losing Fat

There are several diet plans with which losing fat becomes very easy. The secret to shedding the fat from your body is nutritious food which contains low calorie.

Food with very high nutritional value should be chosen. In short the diet should be balanced which includes healthy fats, whole grains and in each and every meal, lean proteins.


Exercising regularly and consuming healthy food will help in losing fat and helps in preventing diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s, improves the health of the heart and also the immune system gets boosted up. There are different kinds of diet options for losing fat. They are as follows:

Diet Plan for Losing Fat:

1. Starting of the Day:

One can start his or her day with lukewarm water adding lemon juice and honey in it. By this the body will be able to get rid of acids which the body produces. Also fruit juices early in the morning is really nutritious for the body.

Starting of the Day


2. Breakfast:

There will be several options of food items which one can consume during breakfast. They are as follows:
. Sprouts or fruit salad
. Two brown breads and one omelette but just the white potion of the egg
. Brown bread and milk cottage cheese
. Oats or cornflakes or wheat bran along with milk that is skimmed



3. Food Before Lunch:

Before having lunch one can have black coffee as this will help in increasing metabolism. But one should not have more than one cup of coffee.

 Food Before Lunch


4. Lunch:

During lunch a person can either have boiled or roasted chicken along with chapatti, soybean 200 gms) or brown rice. One can also consume pro-biotic curd which aids in digestion.



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5. Food in the Evening:

For satisfying hunger during the evening one may consume citrus fruits. Green tea is very healthy and it must be taken with two biscuits.

 One should avoid too much of fast food as they are generally oily and causes numerous stomach aches.

Food in the Evening


6. Dinner:

Dinner should always be light. There are many options such as vegetables, tuna salad or chicken, salad with boiled soybean or soup, clear vegetable soup and boiled egg but only the white portion. This will help lose body fat



7. Food Before Going to Bed:

Skimmed milk must be consumed before going to bed. Heavy dinner should always be avoided. In between the meal and the sleeping time, at least a gap of three to four hours must be maintained.

Vegetable soup, butte milk or coconut water must be consumed instead of cold drinks.

Cold drinks or hard drinks, both are very harmful for the health and also cause fat in the body. Each and every day two to three liters of water must be consumed. Water helps in cleansing out all the toxins. Fibre is very important for the body as it helps in losing fat and so more and more raw fruits and vegetables must be consumed.

Not every carb is bad and so simple carbs such as processed food, sugar or sweet should always be avoided. Meals should never be skipped. These are some points which one should keep in mind if one wants to keep himself healthy and fat free.

 Food Before Going to Bed