Best Exercises And Diet Tips To Get Rid Of Muffin Top

Too many parties, binge eating, sedentary lifestyle, junk sleep, stress and everything which makes our lifestyle unhealthy, shows itself through tummy fat or the unwanted stomach bulge, often described as the muffin top. This extra fat around the tummy makes us look odd, does not allow us to wear our slim jeans and all our favorite dresses do not fit. Everyone who has experienced this tummy fat and bulge know how challenging it is, to get rid of the paunch. Here are some diet & easy fitness tips which can help to get rid of the paunch in a few months.

Way To Reducing Your Muffin Top Figure:

Stay Hydrated

Water is extremely essential for our body, it keeps our system going and helps to remove all toxins and unwanted waste material from our body. An average person needs to have at least three litres of water throughout the day. Lukewarm and normal water is recommended as it helps to stay slim, removes toxins from the body and keeps the entire system hydrated. Alternately, one can have green tea or herbal tea which is equally good for the body. It helps the immune system and keeps the digestive system strong.

Concentrate On Protein Intake

To lose that stomach flab, you need to bring changes in your diet. Have more of proteins. Nearly 30% of calories in every gram of protein is burned during digestion whereas just 8% of calories are burnt in carbs. Thus with increase in protein intake, you are burning more calories and fat which otherwise accumulates in the tummy.

Have Food Slowly

Never rush or gulp down food because this is when you won’t have control on how much you are eating. Just go slow and stop when you feel that you are 80% full. Never overeat just because you are fond of the food.

Have More High Fiber Foods

High fiber foods can be considered as ‘good carbs’. You can have them more since their bulk occupies a lot of your tummy space. You tend to feel full and you eat less. Beans contain almost 8gm of fiber in just half cup. Research has revealed that anyone who consumed at least 12 grams of fiber in a day, lost more than an inch from love handles. Try and modify your diet to include fiber rich foods to get rid of your tummy fat.

Make It A Habit To Walk

Walk at least 45 minutes everyday – briskly. You can walk in the evening or in the morning. Brisk walk helps in increasing the heart rate which means more calorie burning. Your metabolic rate improves too. You need to wear clothes which are light and comfortable. Wear comfortable shoes for walking. You need to walk almost everyday for best results.

Never Skip Meals

Skipping meals in a bid to lose weight is disastrous. You not just end up eating much more, you tend to eat the wrong kinds of food. The body starts to develop a craving for junk and sugary food, as it starves. As a result, just after one or two days of control, a person starts eating much more than normal. Skipping meals, especially breakfast leaves one tired and exhausted with no energy for regular working out also. Nutritionists recommend having three to four small meals in a day to keep energy levels high and for staying filled up. This will help to reduce your paunch.

Snack On Salads

Salads are nutritious,healthy and most importantly they keep you filled for a long time. Include plenty of fresh salads in your diet. Use them as snacks as and when you feel hungry. Fresh greens can be carried to your workplace to and had whenever there are hunger pangs. It does not add to the calories but keeps you fill. Fruit salads are delicious without the added cream which is not recommended if you are trying to lose fat. This is definitely going to help you reduce your paunch.


Crunches are really effective in losing fat from the tummy. Just do a few minutes of warming up before you start crunches to target paunch. Doing a variation of crunches at least twice in a day helps to remove unwanted fat from stomach. If you follow a diet, walk around 50 minutes in a day and do regular crunches, you will be able to reduce your paunch as soon as in 15 days.

Lastly, take up any kind of de-stressing activity. Depression and stress can cause a lot of emotional eating which is really difficult to control. Start any of your favorite activities. Start reading, listen to your favorite music, do some gardening or just enroll for dance classes. It will help you to reduce all unwanted fat.


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