4 Best Exercises For Bodybuilding

 Best Exercises For Bodybuilding

The best exercises for bodybuilding are those that help you achieve your muscle building goals at a very short time period. The exercises you perform reflect your experience and tell precisely whether you are a novice, intermediate or an advanced bodybuilder.
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However, there are certain fundamentals that do not change with the change in levels, workouts or routines. Whatever be your level and routine, when it comes to building muscle mass, intense workouts must be accompanied by heavy weights. In this post, you will get to have a glimpse of the best exercises for bodybuilding.

Top Exercises For Bodybuilding

1. Whole Body Exercises

If you are a beginner, the whole body exercises performed three times per week is the ideal routine for you. People who perform whole body exercises usually choose Monday, Wednesday and Friday as their workout days. These days are evenly spaced with break days, providing adequate rest to your body for muscle growth. Concentrate on compound exercises to involve more than one muscle at the time of execution.
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The common compound exercises involve overhead press, bench press, deadlifts, bent-over rows and squats. These exercises target hips, chest, lower back, upper back, legs and shoulders. Perform three sets with ten to twelve repetitions each.

According to Mile Mentzer and Arnold Schwarzenegger, compound exercises like squats, deadlifts and bench press are the fundamental workouts that helped them in achieving dense muscularity and improving strength.

Whole Body Exercises

2. Isolation Exercises

The isolation exercises are solely meant for the intermediate and the advanced bodybuilders. Target the chest muscles and the triceps on Monday with normal bench presses, close grip bench presses, bar dips, triceps pushdowns and inclined dumbbell presses. On Tuesday, focus on your legs and perform squats, leg extension, leg curls and standing calf raises. Set Wednesday as the rest day.

On Thursday, perform overhead presses, lateral raises, dumbbell presses and barbell shrugs to focus on the trapezius and the shoulder muscles. On Friday, you can pump up your biceps and upper back muscles by performing pull ups, bent over rows, barbell curls and alternate dumbbell curls.
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Make sure you perform eight to ten repetitions per set for each exercise and do not allow more than two minutes rest in between the sets.
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Fewer exercises, intense workouts with heavy weights and three sets for each exercise are the three crucial factors related to muscle building exercises for bodybuilding.

 Isolation Exercises

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3. Super-Sets

Adding super-sets to your exercise routine not only breaks the monotony, but also intensity of the workouts. In super-sets, you perform two exercises back-to-back without any rest in between the sets.
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While performing super-sets, make sure you do not exceed more than 10 repetitions per set.

Some of the common super-sets pairs are lateral raises and shoulder presses for shoulders, flat bench flies and bench presses for chest, lying triceps extension and barbell curls for arms and leg extensions and leg presses for legs.


4. Drop Set Exercises

These are the super intensity exercises and are solely meant for the advanced bodybuilders who are unable to achieve muscle growth even after intensive training. After you have completed three sets of a particular exercise, strip the weight gradually and perform drop sets till complete muscle failure.

Drop Set Exercises