6 Best Food For Weight Gain

6 Best Food For Weight Gain

Many of you might think that you can gain weight easily by eating your favourite snack items like cakes, cookies, chips and chocolates. But all this will increase only your fat content in your body leading to lot of health problems.

For a healthy weight gain, you need to increase your muscle mass weight and not fat weight. This article gives a list of food items for a healthy weight gain.

 Plan your daily diet based on these guidelines.

Food For Weight Gain:

1. Carbohydrates:

Your diet should constitute 40% of carbohydrates. Sources of carbohydrates are brown rice, whole grain bread, pasta, vegetables (potato, broccoli, corn, green beans), legumes (kidney chick peas, beans, soybeans, lima beans), fruits and oatmeal.


2. Proteins:

Proteins should constitute 50% of your daily diet. Protein is very much essential for the development of new muscles. Include the items with protein content in your diet. But do not substitute proteins for fats and carbohydrates, as majority of the calories for weight gain comes from these sources.

Primary sources of protein are fishes (such as salmon, cod, tuna), dairy products (like milk, yogurt and cheese), protein supplements (soy protein, whey protein supplements), pork, lamb, turkey, chicken, eggs and legumes.


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3. Meal Replacements:

Meal replacements are tasty, convenient and effective in gaining considerable weight. It is high in protein, vitamins and minerals. It is low in fat, sugar and carbohydrates. Meal replacement is a readymade mix in powder form. You need to mix water, juice or milk along with it and drink it. In addition to diet, include two meal replacements and you will get drastic increase in weight.

In order to the same benefits of meal replacements, you need to consume chicken breast for protein, potato for carbohydrates and salad for vitamins at least five times a day. This makes you clear of the nutritional composition value of meal replacements. It is cost effective too. You cannot compare this with an unlimited meal as it contains lot of calories and fat. They are complete meals and are nutritious enough to stand alone.

Meal Replacements

4. Fats:

Fat should constitute 10% of your diet. Diet containing fat are oil (olive, sunflower, safflower), peanut butter, peanuts, walnuts, almonds and avocadoes.


5. Consume More Calories:

Calculate your daily calorie intake and consume more calories. The normal calorie requirement of an average male doing less strenuous work is 2200 and for an average female it is 1900. Every day you need to take at least 1000 additional calories.
You can get a maximum of one kilogram per week by following this strategy. Take meals five times a day in large portions.
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But your calorie requirement may vary according to your weight, height, metabolic rate of your body and activity level.

Consume More Calories

6. Snacks:

It may sound to be an unhealthy choice for some of you. But healthy snacks can be taken in limited quantities. Snacks are invariably the best choice when you are seriously looking for a weight gain.

Eat high calorie snacks but not junk food. It includes apples, protein bars, baked potato chips, nuts, beef jerky, pretzels, cheese sticks, protein bars, dried fruits, yoghurt and milk shakes.