2 Best Foods For Bodybuilding Diet Plan

2 Best Foods For Bodybuilding Diet Plan

The essential diet for a human being comprises of carbohydrates, proteins, fats and water. The bodybuilding diet foods are also made up of these components only, but they are geared towards development of muscles and elimination of fats.
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When it comes to a proper diet plan for an athlete or a bodybuilder, the popular composition is low-carbohydrates and high-protein.

Proteins are found in whole foods, protein shakes, powders and bars, protein-rich diet foods and meal replacement supplements.
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Carbohydrates are common in breads, pastas, potatoes, fresh fruits, vegetables and rice. Food products like dairy, meat, oils, nuts and seeds are rich in fats.

A low-carb diet refers to fibrous vegetables, lots of protein and healthy fats. It is an ideal diet for a bodybuilder who wants to achieve optimal results within 4 to 6 weeks for the upcoming competition. However, this type of diet is not at all recommended to any bodybuilder for a long term basis, irrespective of his training level.

For enhancing energy level and overall nutrition low glycemic carbohydrates, lean proteins, healthy fats and fibre-rich diets are clean and adequate. Calories are also essential and hence, you should give up dieting and develop a proper eating habit to maintain overall wellness.

2 Foods For Bodybuilding Diet Plan

Required Foods

Fruits And vegetable

While stuffing yourself with proteins you must consider the level of cholesterol and fats associated with your protein-rich diet. Meal replacement supplements, bars, powders and shakes are the most convenient way to consume enormous amount of proteins without bloating your stomach. These proteins are included in casein, soy, egg, whey, vegetables and rice. Three square meals with protein shakes as fillers in between the meals is equivalent to stuffing your stomach with meat every two hours.
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There are different categories of a particular food product and hence, you should make healthy choices to achieve desired results. Replacing bread, white rice and pasta with wheat or brown rice, white potatoes with sweet potatoes and bleached white flour with natural whole grains are few examples of wise choices.
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Insulin spikes lead to storage of body fats and this can be reduced to a large extent through consumption of low-glycemic carbohydrates.

Monounsaturated and polyunsaturated are the two types of healthy fats that help in bodybuilding. The cholesterol and fats are used by the human body as raw materials to produce crucial components like hormones. Stay away from the saturated fats and include flax seed oil, canola oil, avocados, fish, nuts, seeds and eggs in your diet.
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Common Mistakes

Common Mistakes

Extreme low-carb diet is one of the major pitfalls of the bodybuilders. This often leads to lagging strength, injuries and over-training. You must make sure that your low-carb diet is escorted by fibre and multi-vitamin supplements.
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Though overeating leads to impressive growth of muscle mass, but also invites unwanted body fats.

Hence, you should maintain a moderate carbohydrate meal allowing 200 to 250 additional calories per day. Dehydration and over-relying on supplements are two common mistakes worth mentioning. Plenty of water is required for muscle building and fat burning. On the other hand, the protein shakes and powders are meant to complement, and not replace, a healthy diet.

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