8 Best Home Exercises For Arms And Abs

8 Best Home Exercises For Arms And Abs

If you are looking for exercises that can tone your body that doesn’t mean you have to hit the gym every now and then. There are so many exercise that you can easily do at home to keep yourself healthy and fit. Developing strong abs and arms needs consistent training that improves body resistance . While doing exercise at home you have to be be careful about the posture else you can end up hurting yourself and wouldn’t notice effective results. You can combine arms and abdominal workouts for increased metabolism and doing it on nonconsecutive days of the week combining it with cardio for better results.

8 Exercises For Arms & Abs At Home

1. Tapping Pushup

Here you would require a towel or a mat, kneel on it with your hand to the front at a shoulder width distance while you take your knees behind the hips. Your knees are on the floor and you have to fold your legs upwards and shift your entire weight on the arms.

Your abs must be kept tight, shin up and press your chest towards floor between the space of your hands. Keep your body in a straight line from your head to knee. Your spine should be straight while you bend your elbows and you reach the ground with a tap of your chest. Move back to your initial position, do 10 repetitions and then change your position to the next exercise.
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2. Plank Knee Twist

Start from the last exercise, put your weights on the stretched hand and shift from your knee to your toes. Keep your legs straightened behind slightly wider than shoulder apart. Keep your abs tight, bend your left knee inside folding it to the pelvic of the other side by twisting your hips and then get back to the plank position. Do the same step with your other leg, this is one rep. Perform at least 10 reps and get back to the position of tapping pushups.

Tip: Finish two complete sets of pushup and plan before you get into the next set of exercise.

Plank Knee Twist

3. Single Leg Dip

The beginning position is you seated on the floor with knees bent and your feet flat on the surface. Put your hands behind the hips and your hands pointing forward.

Keep your abs tight while you raise your hips away from the floor stretching your hands and one of the leg raised and extended towards the roof top. Keeps your legs stable and come back to the first position but your hips shouldn’t touch the ground. Perform 10 repetition with first leg and then change your leg to another.

Single Leg Dip


4. Hovering Sit Ups

Once you are done with the dips, sit on the floor with your hips touching the ground and bend the knees close to the chest. Balance yourself when removing the feet from the ground, keep your back straight and your hands folded behind your head. Keep your abs tight when you lean backward to make the lower back touch the ground and extend your legs to the front away from the ground.

Make sure that your shoulders do not touch the ground and your body form an arch shape. Squeeze your body again by feeling the exertion on the abs and not the momentum. This completes 1 rep and you need to do 10 in total after which you need to repeat the dips.

Hovering Sit Ups

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5. Tricep Press

The exercise starts by lying on one side of the body with both the legs bent slightly inside and arms crossed in front of the chest. If you are lying on the right side then place your right arm from beneath your armpit to the back of the left shoulder.

Exhale while keeping your arms tight and lift your upper body with the support of left arm. Get back to the floor by bending your elbow till the right shoulder slightly touches the floor. Going back up and then reaching the floor is 1 rep, repeat it 10 times and then change your side before you move into the next exercise.
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 Tricep Press

6. Sweep Through Side Plank

From the last position form an upward arch with your feet pointed to the left. Your legs and back should be extended, take support of your elbow to hold your body while take the left arm extended towards the roof top. This is a side plank and your body rest in shape of a diagonal. Then bring your extended arm down taking it beneath your chest twisting your thighs and hips . Stretching of arm and bringing it down is one rep, do 10 repetition and then move to the other side.

Tip: While taking support of your hand, your hand should form a right angle. Elbow right below the shoulder and hands resting flat on the ground to support your entire body. Complete the sets of tricep press and side plank and then move to the last set of exercises.

Sweep Through Side Plank

7. Shoulder Pushup

Your beginning position has to be a V-shaped formed of your body, your hands and feet a shoulder width apart. Your hip completely outwards so that you feel the stretch in you back as well as your legs.

Raise your one leg and extend it towards the roof top, when you get this position bend the elbows and bring your body close to the mat but your chin should be facing towards your chest and not outwards. Then move away from the floor and this will strengthen your arm.
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Do this five time with when leg up and then change position with your second leg.

Tip: Doing the exercise with one leg for the first time would be a little difficult, if not comfortable in balancing try doing it with both the legs on the floor and make changes accordingly.

Shoulder Pushup

8. Reclining Cycle

Sit of the floor and rest your upper body on the elbow by placing it on the sides. Balance yourself well and place your palm flat on the floor as you will be lifting your legs. Close both your feet together, tighten your abs and with your lower back off the ground you are just seated on the hips. Form a 90 degree angle between your legs and abs while you rotate your legs from left to right making a circle in the air. One circle is one rep, do at least 5 of it from right to left and then from left to right.

Tip: Do not recline to make yourself comfortable, nothing about the exercise has to be comfortable. While your legs in the air you feel the pressure in your abs. Do 2 complete sets of this exercise and the previous one and you are done with your exercise for stronger abs and arms.

 Reclining Cycle