7 Best Tips For A Healthy Exercise Diet

7 Best Tips For A Healthy Exercise Diet

Our relationship with unhealthy eating can affect us in more ways than one. It can lead us to obesity as well as weight related diseases. With the tempting array of food around us, it becomes very difficult to resist temptation.

If you are exercising and trying to lose weight, your resolve will be further weakened. However, this need not be an effort in vain.

By following some of these tips, you can make your quest for weight loss that much easier.

7 Tips For A Healthy Exercise Diet

Keep A Food Diary

Food Diary

A food diary allows you to keep a track of the amount of calories you have consumed in a day. Note down everything that you eat during the day even if it is a piece of chocolate.

Know the calorific value of foods and write down the value of each food item that you have consumed. This lets you know when you have overeaten and can tell you to cut corners when you are consuming excessively fatty food.

Don’t Deprive Yourself

Make space and concessions for the occasional treat like a piece of cheesecake or chocolate. If you have been diligent with your diet control during the week, make sure you allow yourself to eat on the weekends. This will stave off cravings and prevent binge fests.

Don’t Deprive Yourself

Eat Small But Healthy Meals

Keep feeding the hunger. Instead of skipping breakfast and then wolfing down a large cheeseburger, ensure that you eat small but regular meals. Stash nuts, fruits and crackers if you are out of the house.

Healthy Meals

Have milk, cheese, whole grain sandwiches and rice cakes as meal options. These leave you feeling full, give you optimum nutrition and also allow you to burn fat in the process.

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The Right Nutrients

Three quarters of your food should comprise of fruits, veggies, salads and whole grain cereals. One quarter should be lean protein and a small portion of your food should contain essential fats. Skip processed, store brought food and replace it with organic foods. Have seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Right Nutrients

Eat A Variety Of Foods

Make sure that whatever you eat has variety. Eating the same food everyday will become boring and this can make you give in to cravings that you have been resisting.

Eat A Variety Of Foods

Plan out your meals in advance, pick up the ingredients and try to make your food as tasty and healthy as possible. Learn to love and enjoy your food. That way you will not allow it to control you.

Limit Salt, Caffeine And Alcohol

Downing several cups of sweetened coffee is bound to give you an extra high dose of calories. The same goes for alcohol. Have alcohol with restraint and if you can, avoid it altogether. The same goes for salt as well.


Eat In Moderation

Pay attention to your hunger cues and eat only when hungry. Make sure you drink enough water. At times thirst is often confused for hunger so make sure you are getting enough to drink. Eat everything in moderation. That is the golden rule for following a diet while exercising

Eat In Moderation