Best Workout Plan To Lose Fat

Lose Fat

Workout Plan To Lose FatFirstly know exactly what do you want to do, if you are looking for losing fat then you must dedicate to different life style. Don’t get distracted by secret diets, secret exercises or other useless stuff, there are no shortcuts. Look for workout and eating plans that will help you to meet your goals.

Almost every one would want a fat loss body but only some make it. The only thing that makes it possible is doing a little effort on daily basis.

Workout Plan to Lose Fat


First thing is first, without a proper diet it is high impossible to make that dream body. One must dedicate themselves to follow strict measure when it comes to diet. Literally you can create your own diet plan and you can follow it for the rest of you life.

dietary plan

Your diet must consists of Protein rich foods and carbohydrates. Taking sugar is not advisable. Mix in some green vegetables in your dish and try to make it as colorful as possible.


In-order to lose fat your workout should include heavy training and cardio exercises. Heavy weight training ensures both muscle growth and strength even when you are dieting. If you can do both cardio and weight training with evenly dieting then you are in top list of losing fat.
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Divide the workout into session and do them in that particular day like 4 days in a week. Your first session can include weight training and the next session should include cardio workout. So each day you do some essential workouts that target specific groups of muscles.
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First Session : Full Body Workouts

Dedicate this day to working on upper body. Having a good looking upper body is essential to grab the attention of others. So you will do list of 4 exercises and that pretty much you will need.
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Bench Press

Bench Press (15 reps)

Military Press (10 reps)

Squats  (15 reps)

Dips  (15 reps)

Do these exercises by giving a particular time gap and then starting the rest. Bench Press works on your chest muscles and military press on shoulders and chest while Dips for triceps and squats for entire upper body.

When it comes to sets,  if you are a started then you don’t have do many just start with 8-9 reps each. As time passes you will begin to do more.

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Second Session : Cardio Workouts

Since by doing all the weight lifting your muscles get more pumped by doing cardio it ensures that extra fat will burn fast than possible. There are so many cardio workouts that you can do in that particular day. Even you have time in morning you can do these cardio exercises when ever you are free. Here are some of the hardcore cardio exercises that are in the top list.

High Knees

High Knees (20 reps)

Thread Mill  ( 5 min)

Skipping  (5 min)

Mountain Climbers (20 reps)

Pushups (15 reps)

These are some intense cardio workouts that stress your entire muscles in body and yes you can burn a whole lot of fat. These workouts should be immediately after one another by giving 1-2 min gap.

At the end you must realize that it’s not that the cardio or weight lifting that is helping you to lose fat but it’s the entire workout plan that is helping you to lose fat or build that dream body.