5 Best Workouts For Sports

The key factors that judge your sports performance are strength, speed, power and equally important is flexibility. In order to get those factors one must really work hard and some athletes who are best at what they do, is because of their training results.
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 Not everyone is gifted physically, most of them train specially to improve their performance in sports.

A good workout for sports must include exercise that build core muscles for endurance and power, so a workout which consists of weight training and cardiovascular training will bring good results. Below given workouts will surely improve performance in sports if done regularly and correctly.
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5 Best Workouts For Sports

Dead Lifts

Although squats are the best exercise for lower body but when it comes to dead lifts, it does the same. Since pulling is the best movement for good growth of legs and back growth, dead lifts certainly targets more muscle groups in lower body. Stand in front of the bar and take grip of shoulder’s width, make sure that your shins are in contact with the barbell.
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That will be your starting place. Now lift the barbell off the ground above your knees by contracting your back, wait for a second at that moment. And lower the weight down by using your knees. Do about 10 reps in 3 sets.


This exercise is very much basic and yet powerful. A few minutes of this workout will prove to you that by using your own natural body weight, you can make a kick ass cardio workout that legitimately will take a lot of stamina and promote fat loss.

Start by taking squat position and then push your feet back taking a push up position. Again kick your feet forward taking squat position and the jump up as high as possible. That would make 1 round. Do about 20 reps in 2 sets or set a stop watch for 15 minutes.

Jumping Lunges

Incorporating this exercise in your daily workout will definitely improve your strength, balance and stamina. Jumping lunges works on quads, hamstring and gluts, that’s the reason it so effective.

Stand with your feet together and keep your abs tight.
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Now step forward into lunge position, make sure that your back knee is barely touching the ground. Shoulders and hips over the back of the knees.
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Push up with your both the feet, into the air and swing your legs in a scissor fashion. Land with your right foot forward and ready to lunge.
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Do about 20 reps in 3 sets.

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Mountain Climbers

It’s the most effecting cardiovascular exercise for losing belly fat and it also builds core strength. It can be done almost anywhere and it’s a great move when you want to do some serious workout.

Although mountain climbers can be done with aid of chair or table but it’s more effective when done on floor. Start with push up position with your feet back and eyes looking forward.
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Now using your knees bring one leg forward almost close to upper arm and then immediately moving back to bring the other leg. Do about 20 – 25 reps and about 3 sets.

Squat Jumps

Squat Jumps is not a hardcore exercise but it’s basic and effective. It works on legs, thighs, hips and abs. Start by taking normal squat position with your arms crossed over your chest. With your head forward and chest out, squat down normally by using your hips and knee movement.

By using your feet jump up, as high as possible and when you touch the floor squat down to ease the movement. Do about 20 reps in 3 sets.


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