5 Best Workouts To Build Muscle

Build Muscle

Instead of performing whole body workouts and visiting the gym 3 days per week, you can split your entire routine to exercise for 5 days a week and build muscles at a faster rate. This is called a split workout routine that helps in concentrating on specific muscle group each day.

The muscle groups are split into back, chest, shoulder, abdomen, arms and legs muscles.

Rest is quite essential for muscle building and hence following this 5 split-workout routine daily you do not stimulate the same muscle groups on two consecutive days. If you follow this routine, you will get two days of rest a week.

You can have these rest days set in between the workout days or at the end of the workout days. The abdominal muscles recuperate faster than any other muscles on your body. For this reason you have to perform abdominal exercises 3 times a week. If you want to burn excess fat, perform 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercises daily, before you start your weightlifting session.

5 Workouts To Build Muscle

Legs And Abdomen

Legs And Abdomen

Target the quadriceps, gluteus maximus, hamstrings and hips by performing weights squats with adequate resistance. There are certain strength training machines like the leg press machine, leg extension machine and the leg curl machine helping you to perform respective exercises to develop your leg muscles.


Complete your leg workouts with standing calf raises. If you want you can also add some resistance to further tone your calf muscles by holding a pair of dumbbells in your hands.For your abdomen muscles, you can perform decline crunches holding a weight plate against your chest, knee lifts with a dumbbell in between your feet and oblique twists. As far as your abdominal workouts are concerned, perform three sets of ten to fifteen repetitions.



In order to stimulate the pectoral muscles, perform bench press and chest flies on a flat bench. Perform chest press and chest flies again on an inclined bench to target the upper pectorals.

Three to four sets with eight to twelve repetitions per set is enough to fatigue your pectoral muscles.

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Back And Abdomen

Back And Abdomen

Develop the central back muscles by performing bent over rows. Target the lower back muscles by barbell deadlifts and upper back by shrugs. Eight to twelve repetitions for three to four sets for every exercise is enough to stimulate your back muscles.Perform flat crunches, weighted decline crunches, knee lifts, oblique twists and vertical crunches to build the abdominal muscles. Make sure you do at least twelve to fifteen repetitions per set in case of abdominal workouts.



Start your shoulder routine with front barbell raises. Perform lateral raises and military presses with dumbbells for four sets with eight to twelve repetitions each.

Arms And Abdomen


Focus on your biceps with hammer curls, biceps curls and concentration curls and select triceps extension and triceps kickbacks to strengthen your triceps.

Choose any three abdominal training exercises after you have completed your arms routine. Perform the abdominal workouts like decline crunches with weights, oblique twists and leg raise for three sets with ten to twelve repetitions each.