3 Body Building Exercises For Building Arm Muscles

Everyone wants to have a fit and a healthy body. Women want their body to have the perfect curves and men want their body to be muscular. In men, arms are one of the most noticed body parts. If a person has muscular and thick biceps, then people start noticing him.

They compliment him wherever he goes and his arms become a big attraction in his group. There are many famous bodybuilders, namely Leroy Colbert, Sergio Olivia, Larry Scott and Robby Robinson. The most common thing in these people is their perfectly symmetrical biceps. There are many types of exercises by which you can get thick biceps. Three exercises that have a fast and a good result on biceps are discussed below.

3 Bodybuilder Exercises To Gain Arm Muscle For Men

1. Barbell Rod Curl and Dumbbell Curl

This exercise focuses mainly on the biceps. If you pick light weights then this exercise helps in bringing out the shape of the biceps. If you want to increase the size of your biceps then pick heavy weights. All you have to do is hold the barbell rod according to your shoulder width and keep your hands straight downwards.

Keeping your elbows in one place, pull your forearms upwards picking up the weights, hold the position for sometime and then get back to the starting position. Follow the same steps for dumbbell curl, but do it individually for each arm.

Barbell Rod Curl and Dumbbell Curl

2. Hammer Curl

The best thing about hammer curl is that it works on the biceps at a different angle; hence, it is different from dumbbell curl. Hammer curl are a little similar to dumbbell curl. What you have to is simple; hold a dumbbell in each hand, just remember that your palms should be inwards instead of outwards.

Now, pull the dumbbells upwards keeping your wrists in the same position. Hold the position for a second or two, and then bring the dumbbells down. Do at least 3 sets of 10 – 12 repetitions.

Hammer Curl

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3. Concentration Curls

It is one of the best exercises for isolation of the biceps. You need to do this exercise in a sitting position. You can do this exercise separately for each arm. Hold a dumbbell in one arm and then put your elbow on the inner thigh of the same side. Pull the dumbbell upwards till you completely fold your arm, keep it in that position for some time and bring it back to the starting position.Just remember not to move your elbow from your inner thigh during this exercise. do at least 3 sets of 8 – 10 repetitions each.

Concentration Curls


If you want big biceps, then doing hard workout is a must. Remember to make a proper schedule and follow it strictly. Keep at least two days in a week for your body to rest, this way it will help your muscles to relax which is really important. Besides exercise, having a protein rich diet will prove to be beneficial. Have a balanced diet that includes all the nutrients. Best of luck!