4 Body Building Total Gym Exercise

Body Building Total Gym Exercise

If you are looking for a compact home gym that offers plenty of workout items then the Total Gym is the ideal exercise machine for you. By simply adjusting the Total Gym you can avail over a hundred of different exercises.


The talking point regarding the machine is its adjustable bench. The height of the bench can be changed from declined to flat and inclined positions and if you need you can also set it in an upright military position.

This bodybuilding machine is solely meant to pump up the major muscle groups like arms shoulders, back, chests, abs and legs.

Here I have covered almost every exercise that you can do with your machine, but if you feel that there is something more left inside you that needs to be exhausted you can simply add more items in respective exercise groups.

Body Building Total Gym Exercises

1. Arms And Shoulders Exercises

The arms exercises are divided into two sections – biceps and triceps. The triceps exercises include the lateral triceps extensions, triceps dips, overhead triceps press, triceps press down and the triceps kickback. While the biceps exercises include preacher curls, kneeling bicep curls, supine concentration curls, incline bicep curls, supine bicep curls and forearm curls.

The shoulder exercises mainly include the deltoid muscles and the related exercises are military presses, front deltoid raises, cross body shoulder raises, shoulder shrugs and external and internal shoulder rotation.

Besides the deltoid the exercises like upright row and the reverse fly also works upon chest and back muscles.

Arms And Shoulders Exercises

2. Chest And Back Exercises

The chest muscles acreage can be categorised into pecs and rhomboid muscles while the back muscles can be divided into lats, upper back and lower back. There are several variations of the following exercises that helps develop your back muscles like lat fly, reverse grip lat pull down, lat row, pull up, lat fly and surfer lat pull.

Chest press and chest fly are the common chest exercises and you can employ other variations to work upon the entire chest area. With the Total Gym you can perform chest exercises like incline and decline chest fly, cross over chest fly, arm pullover, incline and decline chest press and decline push-ups.

If you are a beginner the kneeling single arm chest fly can be experimental as well as challenging at the same time. But, while performing the single arm chest fly you must make sure that the repetitions are same on each side.

 Chest And Back Exercises

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3. Leg Exercises

Squat is the ubiquitous item for leg, but here it is employed with few variations to target the quads and glutes. The leg exercises are cardio pulls, leg extensions, calf raises, hamstring curls, incline and decline lunges, hip abduction and adduction and skiing. For overall thigh and calves workout you can also go for toe-in and toe-out squats at the end.

Leg Exercises

4. Abs And Oblique Exercises

The exercise chart is incomplete without the abs and oblique exercises. The core exercises include seated torso twist, sit-ups, cross body pullover crunches, jack knifes, cable abdominal crunches, trunk side bends and the lying knee raises.

Abs And Oblique Exercises