5 Bodybuilder Exercises To Gain Arm Muscle For Men

Bodybuilder Exercises To Gain Arm Muscle For Men

It is quite a common desire for every bodybuilder to have big guns. Apart from bench press, the popular exercises include different variations of biceps curl. But, if you take a look around your gym, you will see that in spite of so many people focusing on their arms, impressive arms are rare.It is vividly explained in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s bodybuilding encyclopaedia that if barbell curls were the only thing to build the muscular mass for the arms then every person standing around with a barbell would have arms with a diameter of 20 inches.When you flex your arms the peak is determined by the biceps while the mass is determined by the triceps.

5 Bodybuilder Exercises To Gain Arm Muscle

1. Barbell Curls With Cheat Curls

Barbell Curls With Cheat Curls

Though barbell curls are not everything, but you definitely need them as a part of your mass builder routine. Arnold Schwarzenegger appreciates cheat curls and while performing bicep curls he drive his biceps to fatigue with strict curls and then employs cheat curls to finish the sets. Performing the barbell curls, hold the barbell by the indented grips at a comfortable width and stretch your arms so that they are on the sides. Curl the bar towards your chest using only your biceps.

The cheat curls start when you experience biceps failure and your shoulders and lower back muscles are involved to perform the curls. The forward push of the hips accelerates the bar and as the elbows move forward the shoulder muscles get involved. You need to be careful while performing the cheat curls as arching your back beyond a certain point may invite serious injuries.

2. Barbell Preacher Curls

Barbell Preacher Curls

It is better to start your biceps routine with barbell or dumbbell preacher curls as the strict movement and the less resistance warm up the biceps rapidly. Use the preacher bench and place your elbows on the pad so that they are wider compared to your grip on the bar. Curl the weights and try to complete at least 8 to 12 repetitions per set.

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3. Standing Cable Curl

Standing Cable Curl

The standing cable curl is in Ronnie Coleman’s arms routine. Using free weights strains your muscles only at a certain point of your movement while the cable provides a constant resistance.This exercise solely focuses on the biceps brachii and is responsible for building the peak.

4. Close Grip Bench Press

Close Grip Bench Press

According to Lee Priest, close grip bench press is the best triceps warm up exercise that also adds bulk to your arms. Lie down on a bench, grip the bar at your torso’s width, keep your forearms upright and bring the weight down on your stomach. Try to keep the elbows close to avoid elbow pains and press up the triceps for stimulation.

5. Skullcrushers


Gustav Badell considers skullcrushers as the ideal mass building exercise for arms. You can perform the exercise by lying down on a flat bench or an incline bench. Hold the barbell as if you are going to perform barbell curls but your palms must be closer. Bring down the weight to your forehead and return to the upright position, utilising only the triceps.