Bodybuilding And Bicep Tendon Injuries

Bodybuilding And Bicep Tendon Injuries

According to American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, it is quite common for a bodybuilder to suffer from biceps tendon injuries. This type of injury usually occurs when the elbow is forced to relax against an enormous resistance. This does not mean that you will suffer a severe biceps tendon injury if you bend your elbow against heavy loads like dumbbells or barbell.

Sometimes, these injuries may not respond properly unless they are subjected to conservative care methods. In this post I am going to discuss about these biceps tendon injuries related to bodybuilding.

Bicep Tendon Injuries Causes & Symptoms

1. Biceps Anatomy

The prominent biceps brachii muscle is located on the anterior part of the upper arm originating from the two locations on the shoulder blade.The tendon of this muscle attaches the same to the bicipital aponeurosis which is a flat and fibrous membrane located on the front side of the elbow.

For bending the forearm at the elbow and at the shoulder this particular muscle is utilised.

Biceps Anatomy

2. Causes

The biceps tendon injuries or the tendon tears are usually caused by sudden injury. However, according to the orthopaedic surgeons the biceps tendon tears and the bicep tendon injuries are correlated issues as far as the medical conditions are concerned. Improper warm-up, muscle overload, unguarded movements, sudden cooling off and poor nutrition are the main causes of injuries when it comes to bodybuilding. Biceps tendon injury is no exception and can even occur due to incorrect lifting manoeuvres.


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3. Injury Symptoms

The symptoms of biceps tendon injuries are associated with the severity of the tendon tear. The severity of the biceps tendon tear refers to partial or complete breaking of the tendon fibres. The possible symptoms at the time of injury involve an audible pop sound in the elbow followed by a severe pain that may last for one or two weeks.

You may also suffer from weakness while bending the elbow or rotating the forearm. A severe injury can cause an observable swelling in the upper arm.

Injury Symptoms


4. Risk Factors

The risk factors are those that increase the chances of experiencing a sudden or unexpected biceps tendon injury. Men above 30 are more vulnerable to biceps tendon ruptures as compared to women and hence men should be more careful while performing the biceps workouts in gym. Corticosteroid medication and smoking are the other two primary risk factors. Enormous amount of nicotine consumption leads to exhaustion of nutrition in tendons making it weak and vulnerable. Though corticosteroid medication increases the biceps muscle, but they lead to tendon strains and weaknesses.

Risk Factors

5. Biceps Tendon Injury Treatment

Treating a biceps tendon injury solely depends upon the severity of the injury. If the patient is suffering from complete biceps tendon tear then there is no option but to undergo a surgical treatment to reattach the tendon to the bone.

A recent study revealed that 6 to 9 percent of people suffering from biceps tendon tear end up with surgical complications. These patients generally include elderly individuals and people already under serious medication. Partial tearing can easily be treated with conservative care methods.

 Biceps Tendon Injury Treatment