6 Bodybuilding Diet For Women

Bodybuilding Diet For Women

Bodybuilding requires a systematic adherence to required diet accompanied with workouts. Both men and women can indulge in bodybuilding but proper guidance should be taken on how and what to do to begin building your body. Bodybuilding emphasizes on various muscle building aspects of your body while proper health and nutrition should also be maintained.

Therefore, bodybuilding diet and workouts are beyond simple health diet plans or weight loss and muscle building endeavors.

For women bodybuilders there are some special requirements taking into consideration the specific physical requirements of a female body. Bodybuilding diet for women is discussed exhaustively and lucidly in the following discussion.

Guide to Bodybuilding Diet for Women

The main dietary requirements for women bodybuilders are not different from men. Protein, carbohydrates and other essential nutrients have to be taken from natural foods while additives from processed foods are to be avoided. Protein and carbohydrates are very essential for muscle mass building and muscle tissue repair.

For beginners at least 250 to 500 excess calories are required daily to spurt the muscle growth. However, avoiding excess fat accumulation and burning enough calories to maintain the right muscle tone goes hand in hand with bodybuilding diet.

1. Protein


The most important nutrient being protein for muscle building you need to have enough intakes of amino acids that aren’t usually produced by the body itself. You should choose protein diet very carefully as the goal is to build muscles and avoid fats accumulated through saturated fats in foods.

Therefore, .lean meats, fish, poultry and soy products are recommended Fruits, vegetables and nuts must also be included as you receive most essential nutrients from these. Use only natural fats like coconut, avocados and nuts. Take whey protein shakes before and after your workouts to boost your muscle growth further.


2. Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are also essential though not as much as it is important to male bodybuilders. Fruits, vegetables and whole grains are the best choices for taking required carbohydrate intakes.

 Quinoa, oats and barley are some of the friendliest choices of carbohydrate intakes for bodybuilders.


3. Healthy fats

Fatty fish, nuts, seeds, walnuts, avocados, olives, olive oil, sunflower oil and any plant oil can be sources of healthy fats which are required by women bodybuilders to build muscle.

Healthy Fats

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4. Important Vitamins and Minerals

Along with bodybuilding a woman has to fulfill her usual health requirements after a certain age. These include essential minerals and vitamins like iron, calcium and so on which keep both bodybuilder and non-bodybuilder women fit and healthy.

Bodybuilder women should give importance to all essential health requirements as fitness is the keyword to successful bodybuilding. Fruits and green vegetables are store houses of essential vitamins and minerals while low fat or non-fat dairy products can provide with the daily requirements of calcium.

Vitamins and Minerals

5. Vitamin B2

B2 vitamin is an important vitamin that enables breaking of carbohydrates and fats to provide the energy required for building muscles. Women usually lose this vitamin with rigorous workouts. Take whole grains and non-fat dairy products to maintain proper balance of this essential vitamin.

Vitamin B2

6. Iron

Iron deficiency may become a major hindrance to your bodybuilding efforts as you tend to become fatigued and lack hemoglobin in blood. Iron is lost during bodybuilding efforts and you need to replenish this mineral with enough intakes of lean red meats and dark poultry.