3 Bodybuilding Diet & Nutrition Plans For Women


 Bodybuilding Diet & Nutrition Plans For Women

If you have been looking for some useful bodybuilding diet & nutrition plans for women then you have just landed up on the right page. The phrase “body building” has often been associated with the males only so most of the diet charts that have been laid down are according to the needs of a man’s body.

Lately, with the increasing awareness among the women and their approach towards life shifting to that of an independent individual who has her own identity in the society, they have also started adopting various alternatives to keep themselves fit and to develop their muscles for a sexy look.

Compared to men, women face more difficulties in developing their muscles because their body lacks the ability to produce testosterone which helps in increasing the size of the muscles.

Thus, their nutrition chart needs to be entirely different from what men consume for the same purpose.  Here is a list of some of the nutrition plans that have been precisely scripted down for the women:

Best Bodybuilding Diet For Women

1. Caloric Consumption

Caloric Consumption

Besides the quantity of calories that you would be required to intake on regular basis to gain the desired muscle mass, its quality also matters a lot. Initially a women would be requires to consume 50 calories per day that would just facilitate them to maintain their body mass.

It would go up to 1,500 to 2,000 calories per day as you would start training for the muscle gain. However, in the midst of consuming the required calories do not cheat your own self by grabbing the convenience foodstuff or munching upon the high fat snacks. Rather, choose the way out of maintaining a healthy balance between the fat, protein and carbohydrate imparting foods.

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2. Dietary Supplements

While following the diet chart that has been prescribed to you by your dietician or nutritionist, it would be recommended for you to include the other food supplements that would help your muscles to grow efficiently at a comparatively faster pace.

Dietary Supplements

Besides consuming a multi vitamin and mineral formula, you can even include the fatty acids like fish oil and olive oil to in your body building diet.

Some extra amount of calcium intake would also boost up the growth of your muscles, but before you decide to merge these supplements with your diet consult your dietician for the amount of each that you should be consuming.

3. Tribulations In The Path Of Muscle Gaining

Though bodybuilding diet & nutrition plans for women are very useful and healthy, one of the major side effects it could impose on is kidney. The high intake of protein, which is a must thing to gain the muscle fat, could put an unbearable strain on the kidney. So make it a point to have a kidney test after every few days. Also, if you notice any of the problems with your regular urine dispatching process like discolored urine or painful urination or no urination at all, report about it to your doctor immediately.

Having made yourself familiar with the bodybuilding diet & nutrition plans for women, you would be able to direct your movements in the right direction to achieve your agenda of gaining the muscle mass. However, you need to be cautious during your training period so that none of your body part suffers because of your diet and work out routines.

Tribulations In The Path Of Muscle Gaining