Bodybuilding Meal Plan

Bodybuilding Meal Plan

The gym has been a Mecca for those who want to build abs, biceps and want to get a complete muscular look. Gym still is synonymous with the body building, but those who were successful in getting a perfect muscular body will tell you that the secret behind their body is not just going to the gym. So what exactly does one need to do to get a perfect muscular body? What are the steps that one should follow for building muscles? The answer to this lies simply in their meals.


There is no doubt that heading to the gym and doing the required exercises is necessary, but there should be a particular diet plan that one must follow. Following a diet plan is a necessary part of the body building. There are particular nutrients that one needs to have in excess than the others and having a meal plan helps in keeping a tab on that. Normally most of the gyms provide their customers with a diet plan that they need to follow, but it is always good if you know what you need to have and what you need to avoid. The steps for getting a perfect muscular body are:

Meal Plan For Bodybuilding

Step 1: Understanding Nutritional Factors

1. Carbohydrates

For those who are looking for getting a well-shaped body, carbohydrate must be a part of their meal. This nutrient provides you with energy that you would require for body building.



2. Fat

Fat, is not for those who want to build muscles, is a myth. The truth is that fat is also a source of energy, but one should take this in a limited amount. Fat is necessary for the overall functioning of the body. It not only helps in absorbing the vitamins, but is responsible for lubricating the joints of the body as well.


3. Proteins

This nutrient plays a vital role in the formation and repair of the muscles so, it is the most important or essential part of the meal for those who are trying to build muscles.



Step 2: Finding the Right Percentage of Nutrients

The next step that you must follow is to consume a fixed percentage of the nutrients on a daily basis. The percentage of nutrients that you should have in your daily meals is 60-70 % of carbohydrates, 12-30% of protein, and 10-20% of fat. This is an estimated amount that a person must have. You can set the requirements in terms of the percentage by yourself.

Step 3: Having Lots of Miracle Fluid

Are you puzzled about what miracle fluid is? Drinking water is a miracle fluid. Water is especially necessary for those who are trying to build muscles.

It helps in the regulation of energy in the body.

It helps in metabolizing the fat. Dehydration is one of the major issues faced by those who take high-protein body building diets so taking adequate amount of fluids is necessary for them.


Having Lots of Miracle Fluid

Step 4: Six Meals In A Day

Those who are into body building must be fed at least within every 3 hours in a day. Following this plan can help one in getting an optimum growth of the muscle.

Having small meals in a day helps one in maintaining stable blood sugar levels and better fat metabolism.


Six Meals In A Day

Step 5: Calculating Your Requirement

We all have different metabolic rates and different type of physical activities so it is important that you calculate your metabolism. For body building, you must have more carbohydrates and you must take only the right amount of carbohydrates per meal.

Step 6: Time Your Meal Properly

It is important that you understand how to maintain a time balance between your workout and meals. After following a rigorous exercise schedule, you must try to have a meal at least within one hour.

During this time, your body actually absorbs carbohydrates and proteins. If you can set a time period post, your workout in such a way that you have a meal within one hour then you will benefit from it. A diet plan based on the above criteria is given below:




Time Your Meal Properly

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4. Breakfast

You can start off your day with a bowl of Oatmeal, wheat bread slices, banana, three egg whites, one egg yolk and, multi vitamin.



5. Mid-Morning

You can have fruits especially oranges, which are rich in Vitamin C and a glass full of protein, shake.


6. Lunch

You can have a little quantity of chicken, baked potatoes, a little quantity of rice, mixed vegetables, and vitamin C supplements.



7. Mid-Afternoon

You can have some fruits or a can have a glass full of protein shake.



8. Dinner

You can have low fat beef in less quantity, baked potato, mixed vegetables and again supplements of Vitamin C.



9. Late Night Snack

You can have a little snack of oatmeal, three egg whites, and one egg yolk.

Late Night Snack


If you understand the importance of a proper meal plan for your body building, then you would not need any sort of supplements at all. It is very important that you follow the diet plan that you have set for yourself. You can also carry a calorie book with yourself where you can maintain your daily diet and calorie intake. It is also good if you buy yourself a diet related book that can help you in finding out the nutritional facts of each food item.

This can really help you a lot in setting up of new diet plan too if you want. If you do not find any changes in terms of muscle growth even after following a diet plan, then just try to go through your diet chart again and try to find out if any change is required.

You must have faith in the diet plan that you set for yourself. You must also be consistent in following the diet plan and the workouts. If you do all these on a regular basis, then you will see positive results very soon.