4 Bodybuilding Morning Workouts Routine

Bodybuilding Morning Workouts Routine

It solely depends upon the preferences of an individual as far as working out in the early morning is concerned. There are people who like to hit the gym within 6 AM in the morning and get over with his training program by 8 AM. But, there are many who prefer to sleep until 9 AM before they start with their exercises.

Honestly speaking, as a novice fitness enthusiast I used to sleep from 1 AM to 9 AM and felt more energized as compared to those days when I started changing my biorhythm, even though I managed to sleep 1 hour more.

Though the problem lasted for only 2 weeks, but there is definitely something you cannot ignore.

4 Bodybuilding Tips For An Early Morning Workout

Role of Hormones

Role of Hormones

The hormones inside your body highly affect your biorhythm. If you are filled with hormones that are trying to put you to sleep, you cannot expect to move on with your training program and perform record squats in such a situation. On the other hand, if you get up and start with your new routine you will certainly get your body adapted to new situations in a couple of days.



As you try to fulfil your fitness goals, there are 3 crucial objectives that you need not forget. The 3 prime objectives are – try to keep the muscles you have built, stay energized to squeeze out the maximum of any workout and always try to follow your bio rhythm.

Proper diet before attempting the morning training helps maintain a sufficient energy level.

Cardiovascular Exercises – Morning Session

Cardiovascular Exercises

Morning cardio means you are trying to burn the flabbiness so that you can flaunt your well shaped physique in a beach run, without a shirt on. There are few things that you need to know before start your morning cardio. The carbohydrates in your bloodstream are used as fuels, but in the early morning there is a deficiency of carbohydrates and as a result the body sacrifices the muscle mass besides the fats.

Your objective here is to cannibalize the fats instead of muscles.


Your body breaks the muscles for protein and if you can provide it within the bloodstream then there is no sacrificing of the muscle mass. You can gulp down 40 grams of protein drink before starting the morning cardio so that your body replenishes the lost protein from the bloodstream only.

The flax seed oil and the fish oil pills are also useful for stimulating the fat burning process.


But, after you take the pills you must provide minimum 45 minutes time to your body so that all the nutrients get into your blood before you start your training program.

Weight Training – Morning Session

Weight Training

For morning weight training, you need already-available-fuel in your bloodstream. This can be achieved through a power breakfast comprising of egg whites, juice, a fruit, oatmeal porridge and a glass of milk with low fat.

A variation of fast and slow carbohydrates will work as excellent fuel if they are escorted by good fats.

 However, you must allow at least 1 hour rest to your body to digest the breakfast before the training and eat something after the training.