4 Bodybuilding Nutrition Meal Plans

You need to maintain precise goals in order to get some assistance from the basic meal plan while burning body fat and building muscle mass at the same time. Though bodybuilding provides you with ample opportunity to remain flexible when it comes to foods, but you need to fine tune your nutrient consumption according to the intensity and volume of your training.There is no one-size-fits-all formula in the world of bodybuilding and for this reason you need to focus on basic guidelines, instead of others’ diet, while preparing your personal meals. You should take advice from your general physician before leaping onto any training or diet program.

Nutrition Diet Plan For Bodybuilding

1. Fat

Fat is an essential nutrient that helps in production and regulation of hormones. It comprises of sterols which are later converted to steroidal hormones like primary anabolic hormone, growth hormone, testosterone, etc. A fall in testosterone level due to inadequate amount of fats in diet may not only slow down the metabolism rate but may also lead to degradation of lean muscle mass.


The omega-3 and omega-6 are the types of hormone-producing fats available in fishes like sardines, salmon, herring, swordfish and lake trout. They’re also found in flax seeds, pumpkin seeds and nuts. However, it is difficult to include the necessary amount of healthy fatty acids in diet. It is a wise option to supplement your diet with flax oil or fish oil in the form of capsules or liquids.
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2. Protein

Whole food items like fish, eggs, milk products and meat are rich in protein and if included in your regular diet, they will help in faster recovery of muscle fibres after training. A bodybuilder, at beginner level, requires almost twice the amount of protein consumed by an inactive person.

You should aim for at least 6 meals per day with protein-rich contents in every meal.


Proper protein diet not only maintains a favourable blood sugar level, but also ensures constant flow of amino acids in blood so that the torn muscle fibres get repaired quickly. It is difficult to achieve the necessary amount of amino acids in blood through conventional methods.

Hence, you should stick to protein shakes and powders, devoid of unwanted fats and sugars, in between the meals.
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3. Carbohydrates

You should be very careful while consuming carbohydrates. A moderate amount of carbohydrate consumption ensures favorable body functioning, while a highly processed carbohydrate in junk foods may lead to sudden increase in blood sugar level.


Fruits, vegetables and whole grains are quality sources of carbohydrates and are also accompanied by fibres, vitamins and minerals. If training is your only physically demanding activity for the day then you must consume lesser dietary carbs per day as compared to full-time athletes.

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4. Post-Training Nutrition

Weight training or cardiovascular exercises cause burning of glycogen and amino acids in blood. Insulin level in blood rises immediately after workout and drives amino acids to fatigued muscles. For this reason, you need to consume rapidly metabolizing sugar like dextrose and proteins as post-training snacks.

Visit a supplement store and tailor your meal and in-between-meal plans accordingly.

Post-Training Nutrition