Best 6 Bodybuilding Routine For Joint Pain

Best 6 Bodybuilding Routine For Joint Pain

There are many bodybuilding exercises, especially those related to gaining muscle mass, which end up aggravating the joint pains. You cannot simply ignore a joint pain, but there are many bodybuilders who believe taking a few days off from training that particular joint would cure the pain.Muscle pain and joint pain are different issues. If you are a bodybuilder and you are suffering from an acute joint pain even after an extended vacation from training then it is quite obvious to opt for the same techniques that led to such painful experience and train through it just like a muscle pain. Unfortunately, this will further exacerbate the present condition. However, there are few effective training moves that you can perform to subdue your joint pain and stimulate recovery.

Bodybuilding Routine For Joint Pain

1. Joint Wrap

There are many compression wraps available in the market for training the affected joints. You need to apply this compression wrap before you start your training.

The wrap must be tight enough so that you can feel the compression while bending the affected joint. However, you must ensure that there is no obstruction in blood circulation while fastening the compression wrap.

Joint Wrap

2. Substitution For Squats And Leg Press

Leg extensions are quite safer as compared to leg presses or squats. Though these two exercises involve enhancing muscle mass and covering almost all the muscle groups in the lower part of the body, but it exerts enormous pressure on hips, ankles and knees. Leg extensions, on the other hand, can be performed to pump up the quadriceps, but you need to maintain a controlled motion without locking the knees.

Substitution For Squats And Leg Press

3. Substitution For Deadlifts

Deadlifts affects multiple muscle groups, but this best exercise for your back is the worst exercise for your joints at the same time. Replace it with lower back lifts and machine rows to train your back muscles separately. Just like deadlifts, lower back lifts is for glute, hamstring and lower back muscles, but avoids knee and elbow compression. Machine row also avoids the problematic areas and targets the upper back muscles.

Substitution For Deadlifts

4. Substitution For Standing Calf Raises

The standing calf raise targets the calf muscles, but as the weights rest on your shoulders it compresses every joint on your body, starting from the shoulders to the ankles.You can replace it with seated calf raise allowing the weights to rest on the thigh and with the bent knees you can also relieve the pressure on the joint.

Substitution For Standing Calf Raises

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5. Substitution For Shoulder And Chest Press

The best replacements for shoulder press and chest press are lateral raise and fly machine. Shoulder or chest press uses free weights and hence a twisting force acts upon shoulders, elbows and wrists. But the isolation exercises with resistance machine relieve pressure on elbows and wrists by utilizing the upper arm as a lever. It also offers a steady and normal range of motion to the shoulders.

Substitution For Shoulder And Chest Press

6. Substitution For Barbell Curls And Extensions

The best alternatives for barbell curls and extensions are cable machines and dumbbells. The unilateral replacements reduce the undue strains on wrists and elbows, but you must see to it that your elbows do not lock at the end of any repetition.

Substitution For Barbell Curls And Extensions