6 Bodybuilding Vegan Diet

Bodybuilding Vegan Diet

Bodybuilding is a craze amongst the young men and women. For many people, bodybuilding has become a mark of manhood. With newer equipment coming in the market, the way body is built is also changing.

The machinery hardly fails in giving positive results. In addition, if you are up to the task sincerely, then your tag of being a macho man is not too far off.

However, only the equipment is not going to help.

It serves your body from outside but you do need enough nutrition too. What you also need is the essential diet to supplement your daily exercise.In fact, the vegan diet consists of enough nutritious and healthy food and many non-vegetarian people might not be familiar with that. Here, we can look closely, at different types of diets that will not only help in bodybuilding, but are also purely vegan.

6 Bodybuilding Vegan Diet

1. The Vegan Diet

Vegan Diet

A vegan diet essentially consists of eatable those are exactly the alternatives to non-vegan food. A vegan diet includes food items like fruits, grains as well as vegetables.Dairy items like cheese and yoghurt is a major part of vegan diet. Almost all these food items have the sufficient amounts of calories and the nutritional value a person would need who is trying to build his body. Therefore, a vegan diet can be a healthy alternative to a non-vegan one.

2. The Amount Of Protein Bodybuilders Need


On an average, a bodybuilder who is on a vegan diet would need anything in the range of 10% and 35% of his daily calories. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has come to this conclusion. However, those who are really focused on building their muscles should go for the upper limit. In the region of 25% to 35% of the calories come from protein. This is a sufficient intake as the proteins help in the growth of the muscles.

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3. Vegetable Proteins

Vegetable Proteins

Eggs and diary are a good source of proteins in the vegetarian bodybuilding. However, some people consider eggs to be in the non-vegan category. A rich source of protein is Tofu.Tofu is a fermented product made from soybean. Though soybean is considered a vegan item, there are eatables like soy-based meats as well. Bodybuilders who are looking to consume only vegan products, may however, go for soy-based meat.

4. Amino Acid Helps In Digestion

Amino Acid

Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score (PDCAAS) is the score of the ability of the protein source for digesting as well as absorbing in the body. A popular web site in the health niche says that if the PDCAAS is high, it becomes easier for the body to absorb the food items. Soy comes with a PDCAAS score of 1.0. The score gives it a priority and ranks it high amongst the proteins that are easily digestible. As far as beef is concerned, this web site ranks it at 0.92.The reason for soy to have such a high rate of PDCAAS is that it contains all the necessary amino acids a body may need. This makes it possible for a bodybuilder to go vegan. The builder can get enough of proteins and also make the body absorb it without the need to have any meat.

5. B Vitamins

B Vitamins

Vitamins B like the B6 and the B12 play a major role in keeping your metabolic functions going. However, the bodybuilders who are relying only on a vegan diet should concentrate on the volume of the various B vitamins they are consuming. This should address the concern for the amount of protein intake.A bodybuilder needs to have an efficient metabolic system. This is important because, the fats need to be burnt, which in turn helps the muscles to grow.

In general, most of the B vitamins are acquired through meat. However, a supplementary vegan diet can also be a rich source of the same vitamins. Seaweed miso and soy are some sources of B vitamins bodybuilders can get.

6. Other Sources Of Proteins For The Vegetarian

whole grains

Apart from what has been described above, there are some more sources of proteins for the vegetarian bodybuilders. The most effective of them all are the green leaves. They have the sufficient amount of protein that is of exceptionally high quality.

The better part of the deal is that they have the necessary amino acids.Dates, bananas, whole grains and nuts also provide the essential proteins. If a person consumes these various eatables, he can benefit immensely from it. These diets should be an indispensable part for any bodybuilder, if he has taken to bodybuilding seriously.