Bodybuilding With Bowflex Xtreme

Bodybuilding With Bowflex Xtreme

If you are planning for an intense workout to cut the flabbiness and come up with toned lean muscles then the Bowflex Xtreme is the ideal machine for you. Apart from exhibiting a compact design, it also offers an all-in-one fitness facility to burn down every inch of extra fats and reveal the lean muscles with enhanced endurance and power.
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This complete body conditioning machine also comes with a guide so that the novice bodybuilders do not face any problems while getting started before they hire any trained professional. Let us now delve deep and see what this Bowflex Xtreme has to offer when it comes to rigorous bodybuilding workouts.

Bodybuilding With Bowflex Xtreme

1. Characteristics

With the Bowflex Xtreme you can concentrate on specific muscle groups while you can enhance your capability to lift heavier weights at the same time. The full body workout program with the machine spreads out over three consecutive days.
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You can take a break after the three days continuous workout and again start with the program from the fifth day. Therefore, you get to exercise not less than 5 days per week. Every exercise you perform must not be less than 3 or 4 sets and the weights must be adjusted in such a way that you exhaust your energy within 8 to 12 reps.
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2. Divisions

The full body exercise spans over 3 days. On the first day focus on chest and shoulder muscles performing chest fly, bench press, crossover rear deltoid row, shoulder shrug exercises, seated shoulder press and lateral shoulder raise.

The second day’s workouts include biceps curl, triceps extension exercises, seated lat row, triceps push down and seated lat pull downs for the arms and back muscles. On the last day, you should target the torso and leg muscles and perform squat, leg curl, leg extension, standing lower back extension, standing hip extension, seated oblique abdominal exercises and seated abdominal crunches.


3. Results

The intensity of workout related to Bowflex Xtreme is highly evident from the performance of the users experiencing complete muscles failure after a short term period of 45 to 60 minutes of continuous workout. There are many websites talking about the benefits of the machine but they are biased towards those consumer groups possessing natural muscle mass.

However, it is my personal experience that you do not need a square body to use this machine for further improvement. Even a thin framed enthusiast can stimulate muscle endurance and growth by simply regulating the frequency of the fitness routine.


4. Drawbacks

Every machine has its own sets of positives and negatives. Firstly, you will have no problem to increase the level of resistance once you reach the peak of reps in a particular exercise. Though the process is gradual and benefits certain muscle groups, but you cannot take it for granted as a general case. It is definitely beneficial for exercises such as bench press, but while performing leg curl you may end up minimizing your muscle gain.


Secondly, a standard Bowflex Xtreme machine comes with total weight of 210 pounds only. If you are a serious bodybuilder, you will certainly require a machine upgrade to increase the level of resistance.
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