6 Building Muscles For Women

Muscle building is a very important step in workouts for women. Building muscles is vital in order to attain high fitness levels and achieve a toned and sculpted look. Building muscles is possible if you commit yourself to a well defined muscle building plan with commitment, dedication and sincerity. It is through muscle building that you can also improve your mobility and flexibility.

Perhaps the most critical point that should be overlooked is that your muscle building plan should be challenging yet realisable. Muscle building is possible through the correct combination of diet and exercise. It is only when you eat right and exercise right that you are able to gain in muscle mass.  Training yourself for muscle building requires you to be able to not only chalk out the right plan, but also stick to it.

How To Build Muscles For Women

Eat Enough Protein

You need to be able to consume a large amount of protein in order to build your muscles. It is imperative that you eat about 1.5 to 2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight if you want to gain muscles. Eat complete proteins as this will enable you to be able to get a toned look.Non vegetarian sources of protein are more complete than vegan sources of protein. Therefore, you need to be able to consume meat, poultry, eggs and fish. It is through a high protein diet that you will be able to build the muscles that you want.

Consume A Well Balanced Meal

You need to eat the right blend of carbohydrates, fat and protein in order to be able to build muscles. A well balanced meal ensures you have the right nutrients in your body for muscle repair and recovery and it helps you to be able to build your muscles. The nutritional value of your diet plays a very crucial role in building your muscles.

Avoid Excessive Cardiovascular Exercises

What you also need to do is avoid excessive cardio training in your workout. This is because though cardio training also known as “neurogenic” training is a good way to lose weight, it does not help in toning or building your muscles. Cardio training only improves your personal fitness levels and cardiovascular health.

Regulate Your Repetitions And Sets

It is important that you are able to regulate the number of repetitions and sets that you perform. The repetitions should range anywhere from 12 to 15 and the sets should be about 2 to 3. It helps you to be able to improve your fitness levels and at the same time, gain muscles.

Take Rest For Muscle Recovery

While building muscles, you need to take time off for rest and recovery. Muscle builds when the muscle repairs and recovers from the strain it is put through while exercising. Therefore it is important that you are able to take adequate rest in order to ensure that your muscles are in perfect condition.Take rest intervals between sets and rest days from your workout. This will help you to be able to fuel your workouts better and avoid fatigue.

Avoid Overtraining

Make sure that you avoid overtraining as this can have a negative effect on you. Overtraining can lead to fatigue and this can impair your chances for improving the state your muscles are in. By creating fatigue and tension, you will lose the energy to have a challenging workout and this will harm your chances of building your muscles.


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