Cardio And Weight Lifting For Asthmatics

Cardio And Weight Lifting For Asthmatics

Asthma does not mean a person cannot exercise. Although certain precautions need to be taken, asthmatics can exercise considerably well and gain benefits from this as well.

With adequate precautions and the following of recommendations by the medical practitioner, asthmatics can perform weight lifting and cardiovascular exercises which benefit them considerably.
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Many asthma medications help an asthmatic to lead a normal life and engage in exercise.

However, care should be taken that cardio and weight lifting should be done well within the safety guidelines. If asthma is exercise induced, more precautions need to be taken as exercise can trigger an attack. Other types of asthma such as occupation and childhood asthma also require the person working out to adhere to certain guidelines while engaging in exercise.

Asthma, Cardio And Weight Lifting

1. Safety Precautions For Asthmatics

Consult your medical healthcare professional before starting out on a workout routine. Ensure that you are able to communicate and understand the consequences of following a certain workout plan.

Consult your doctor about cardio training such as swimming, walking and cycling as well as weight lifting or resistance training exercises.

Your workout routine should take into account the weather in which you are working out. Cold, dry climate can aggravate an attack.

Make sure that you take into account the other factors that can also cause an asthma attack such as airborne irritants such as dust, smoke and pollen.

Safety Precautions For Asthmatics

2. Cardiovascular Exercises For Asthmatics

Swimming is a great exercise for asthma patients. It builds upper body strength and works out multiple joints in the body. Swimming should be done in humid, moist air as asthma can be triggered by coldness and dryness.
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Walking is a good exercise for asthmatics as it builds up the heart and lungs for them. Cycling on a stationary bike for 30 minutes four times a day is also good to improve your cardiovascular health and benefit those who have asthma.

 Cardiovascular Exercises For Asthmatics

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3. Weight Lifting And Asthma

Weight lifting should be done keeping in mind the condition of the asthmatic patient. Using either free weights or resistance machines is a good way to keep fit for asthmatic persons.

You should stick to moderate weights and multiple sets. Do bench presses, weighted squats, bicep curls and deadlifts. Make sure you remain hydrated while weight lifting as this can clear your throat.
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Weight Lifting And Asthma

4. Warm Ups And Rest Periods

Before starting on either weight lifting or cardiovascular exercises, make sure to warm up as this can lead to better workouts. The warm up also opens the airways and loosens muscles.

 Warm Ups And Rest Periods

You should also have a rest or recovery period wherein you cool down after the workout. This prevents cramps and constrictions in the airways. Along with the doctor’s input, exercises can be performed keeping in mind that there should be adequate warm ups and recovery or rest periods.

5. Workouts And Medication

Certain workouts can follow certain kinds of medication. Make sure to take your medication prior to starting the workout. You need to take anti-inflammatory medicine prior to weight lifting or workouts.

 Workouts And Medication

Corticosteroids which are inhaled must be taken throughout the day as scheduled. You can also take bronchodilator medications to keep airways open during the workout session. Follow to advise of your doctor regarding the medication you can take prior to workouts in order to facilitate exercising.