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5 Yoga Inversion Poses That Beginners Can Try

Inversion postures in yoga are a staple for good yoga practice. Bringing your head below the heart or turning upside down might look intimidating, but incorporating them in your yoga routine has a lot of benefits for your body and mind. It can stimulate the nervous system, increase oxygen as well as blood flow to […]

9 Amazing Crunch Exercises For Improving Fitness

Crunches are indeed one of the renowned workout techniques and mostly it is performed by many of the people to get their belly fat reduced. Apart from that, crunches can also be considered as one of the important workout tactics when it comes to the case of various warm up inclusions. When compared with some […]

6 Conditioning Exercises For Stronger Knee Joint Muscles

Knees are one of the most important joints of our body, responsible for building flexibility, stability and body balance. Muscles around the knee joints need to be worked out regularly so that they are well toned, relaxed and offer improved circulation. If the knee joint muscles are weak, you might lose stability, balance and the […]

5 Exercises For Weak Glute Muscles And Improve Hip Muscle Flexibility

If glute muscles are weak, our hip flexibility might be affected. Glute muscles are specifically important in the case of athletes, which help in improving their hip strength, muscle strength and builds hip flexibility. If the glute muscles are weak, especially in case of athletes, the entire kinetic chain is disrupted. Athletes might face different […]

5 Beginners Exercises For Toning Butt Muscles

Butt muscles are an important set of muscles which need to be worked out regularly. There are a few specific butt exercises which help in reducing fat from the area and also help in toning the muscles. Beginners often have a tough time to lose fat from the muscles. Butt muscle exercises are many, but […]

Exercises To Reduce Stiff Arm Muscles and Improve Flexibility

Stiff arms means lack of muscle flexibility and poor circulation. If you are a sportsperson, stiff arms can lead to poor arm strength, unhealthy muscles and poor flexibility. This is one of the leading causes of injuries and pain due to prolong hours of working. If you are keen in having a fit and healthy […]

5 Beginners Exercise To Tone Underbelly Fat For Better Flexibility

Underbelly fat is one of the most problematic areas and difficult to tone, especially in case of beginners. However, accumulation of underbelly fat is known to hamper flexibility and builds immobility. Body toning is hampered and is also known to reduce overall strength and immunity. There are a number of exercises which are known to […]

9 Best Exercises To Increase Body Flexibility

Body flexibility is one of the most important measures of fitness levels of a person and therefore it is a lot essential for a person to improve his fitness levels not only by strengthening the body parts but also by improving the mobility and flexibility of the body as well. However, at times,people do care […]

5 Exercises To Strengthen And Power Gluteus Minimus Muscles

G-min or the gluteus minimus is an important muscle of the body which lies just in front of the ilium muscles. These are powerful muscles which help in stabilizing the leg muscles and add power and strength to them. Athletes and sportsperson need to especially improve these muscles for better flexibility. Tight gluteus minimus can […]

5 Beginners Exercises To Tone And Improve Upper Thigh Flexibility

Thighs are one of the most problematic areas of the body and especially in case of women. Several people join training sessions mainly because they are not happy with their thighs. Upper thigh tends to get flabby and accumulates the most fat. This area is also the most difficult to get the fat rid off. […]

5 Exercises To Stretch And Build Flexibility Of Gracilis Muscles For Women

Gracilis is an important set of muscles of the upper inner thigh region. This is a vital muscle of the hip adductor group and just as in case of all other muscles, this too need regular toning and working out. Women need to specifically consider this group of muscles to build flexibility and tone the […]

5 Exercises For Strong And Toned Adductor Brevis Muscles

If you are really serious about fitness, you need to workout all your muscles and toned them for building strength and flexibility. Adductor brevis muscles are an important part of adductor muscles which play an important role in building flexibility and strength. There are a few exercises which specially focus on these muscles and help […]

5 Effective Exercises For Strong Ankles And Feet

Feet and ankles can also be considered as one of the vital measures of analyzing a really well toned body and a person who actually aims for some real fitness and strength has to to give these feet and also muscles equal importance as he always does in the case of some other body parts […]

7 Effective Exercises For Increasing Forearm Strength

When it actually comes to the topic of talking about men’s fitness, forearms do play an important role as it can be regarded as one of the prime body parts that are to be highly developed in order to attain some worthy fitness levels of the body. Also powerful forearms enables you to perform many […]

5 Exercises To Reduce Tight Adductor Muscles And Improve Flexibility

Adductor muscles are the important muscles of the lower body, which help in building mobility, flexibility, and strength. If you do not workout in the right way, you might suffer from tight adductor muscles, which means your body will lack the required flexibility. This is especially a difficult situation for athletes and sports people who […]

5 Amazing Workouts For Strong Hip Flexors

Body building always refers things that are indeed related in strengthening not only your body but also the mental condition of an individual. This actually means that one mustn’t leave out any ofthe organ in the body or a body part without ¬†getting to strengthen it and this cannot be called as the complete body […]

5 Band Exercises For Sculpted Thighs And Butt

Sculpted perfect thighs and butt muscles are often considered to be a gift of God. Well – whenever, you come across someone with that perfection, you should know that it is also about hard training and perseverance. It is true, that it is never easy to develop that sculpted figure. There are some specific band […]

5 Exercises For Functional Back Strength Without Weights

A strong back means a healthy back! Functional back strength exercises help in building strength and confidence amongst the bodybuilders. These workouts are quite important for sportsmen too, as they help in building flexibility and improves endurance level. Functional back strength means strong back muscles which offer good support to the spine and also helps […]

6 Tips To Increase Power And Strength On The Stationary Bike

Do you love the stationary bike in the gym? Many people spend hours on the fitness bike but in spite of their hard work, they fail to see results. Fitness bike in the gym is one equipment which helps in building strength and power. The problem lies in the fact that many of us do […]

7 Circuit Training Workouts For Improved Flexibility

Circuit training is one of the most popular workouts which help individuals in achieving a number of fitness goals. These exercises do not actually require much of expensive equipment. There are many different kinds of exercises which can be followed, when one develops a circuit training routine. These training programs are increasingly used by athletes […]

5 Runners Exercises To Strengthen And Power The Hips

Runners need to have great strength and power. There are several exercises which are specially designed for runners, which helps in strengthening the muscles. Though there are several strength building workouts, all exercises are not powerful enough to add power to the muscles. There are a few exercises which help in targeting the hip muscles, […]

5 Exercises To Stretch And Strengthen Groin Muscles

Groin muscles are said to be one of the most important muscles which need regular conditioning. In spite of the importance of these muscles, most people do not do the right exercises. If you do not stretch your groin muscles, you might not be able to improve your muscle fitness. However, you need to stretch […]

5 Exercises To Strengthen Adductor Longus Muscles

Thigh muscles play an important role in building our overall fitness and strength. There are three major muscles in this area which are known as adductors. Adductor Longus muscles need regular strengthening and conditioning so that they ensure improved mobility and great levels of fitness for the individual. It is important to add power and […]

5 Beginners Circuit Training Exercises For Power, Strength And Agility

Beginners are often restless and look for quick results. Circuit training is one of the best ways to hit a number of muscles at one go. There are a number of exercises which are included in a circuit training routine, which helps in pushing one muscle group. You can rest this specific muscle for sometime […]

6 Womens Bodyweight Workouts For Strength And Flexibility

We all look forward to a sculpted and well toned body. You do not always require a lot of equipment to have that perfect sculpted body. Womens bodyweight exercises are a perfect combination of great strength and flexibility, which helps in achieving a perfect body. Most of these exercises are suitable for beginners as well. […]

6 Cardio Workouts For Powering Ab Muscles

Cardio workouts are quite effective in adding power to your ab muscles. They help in keeping the muscles engaged, they help in building core strength and increase the endurance of the body as well. Cardio workouts help in not just strengthening the muscles but help in eliminating excessive fat from the body. If you are […]

5 Strength Training Women Workouts Without Weight

Strength training workouts will not just help in improving your strength, flexibility and coordination, but they also help in adding power and strength. Traditionally, whenever we think about strength training, all we can think about are dumbbells and barbells. It has been observed that women tend to stay away from weights or are simply not […]

5 Abdominal Exercises To Tone Muscles Below The Belly Button

Muscles under your belly button need regular workouts so that excess fat can be removed. In case of women specially, fat tends to accumulate under the belly which is unhealthy and interupts with fitness levels. There are several abdominal exercises which help to tone the muscles which are located just below the belly button. The […]

5 No-Equipment Powerful Exercises For A Strong Upper Body

You do not like to train with equipment? Well, you can still workout and achieve a strong upper body and that too, without the use of any gym equipment. Thus, you can still continue with your training sessions when you are not visiting the gym or when you are on a holiday. These exercises can […]

5 Beginners Exercise For Toning Inner Thighs While Sitting Down

One of the most difficult areas, often known as the trouble spots are the inner thighs of an individual which need good focus to workout. Beginners, specially have the primary objective of losing fat and toning their inner thigh muscles, when they join the gym. If you are among those who tend to get tired […]