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3 Best Exercises For Body Builders

Diet and exercise are the foundations of a perfect body of a body builder. It is really surprising to watch the body builders flexing huge muscles on the stage, but behind the stage it took hours of exercises, almost six days per week and for months or years to achieve such perfection. You also need […]

4 Tips For Bodybuilding Workouts & Routines

  Targeting the major muscle group, you can easily develop a chiselled muscular physique. In the world of bodybuilding, the training machines, free weights and your own body weight serve as the required resistance to build impressive muscles.

6 Best Bodybuilding Program For Athletes

Strength training and mass building exercises are different for different sportspersons. If you are a rugby player and you are a linebacker, you will focus on development of size and strength. A boxer, on the other hand, will concentrate on speed, agility, size and strength.

5 Complete Workout For Bodybuilding

There are many misconceptions related to bodybuilding when it comes to spending hours at the fitness centre. Many believe that the only way to build chiselled physique is to pull the rusty irons hour after hour and year after year. Hard work is necessary to build muscles, but you may not have to split your […]

4 Bodybuilding Workouts For Beginners

After following strict diets, spending some additional time in the gym and trying to redefine the physique, if you feel that you have not met your targets then it is time for some changes in your approach. Reconsidering your approach will not only provide a stimulus to your efforts but will also lead you to […]

5 Best Bodybuilding Workout Techniques

The bodybuilding workout techniques involve lifting of heavy weights in order to stimulate the target muscles to increase their mass and endurance. To achieve a symmetrical physique with overall muscular growth you need to focus on each and every muscle group in your body from head to toe. The items that are usually incorporated in […]

3 Tips For Bodybuilding Workout Programs

The supersets or the ladder of sets are solely meant for those bodybuilders who have strongly developed their foundations. Whether you are among those bodybuilders depend completely upon your confidence. If you are lifting weights for more than 6 months and at least 3 times per week then you must be ready for the next […]

3 Power Bodybuilding Workouts Routines

In order to prepare an ideal bodybuilding routine, you need to consider the two primary factors – the experience of a bodybuilder and the number of days you are following your current routine. The beginners must stick to the fundamental workouts while the advanced bodybuilders must utilize a variety of techniques and exercises to maintain […]

5 Teen Bodybuilding Workout Plan

It is not only the athletes who are concerned about building the muscles, but the teenagers are also showing some interest. Body image has nowadays become a crucial factor and it is not only how the teenagers perform academically and socially, but it also determines the future fitness and health conditions as adults. Everything has […]

5 Bodybuilder Exercises To Gain Arm Muscle For Men

It is quite a common desire for every bodybuilder to have big guns. Apart from bench press, the popular exercises include different variations of biceps curl. But, if you take a look around your gym, you will see that in spite of so many people focusing on their arms, impressive arms are rare.

3 Tips To Prevent Overtraining Back Muscles In Bodybuilding

Overtraining is a common problem in the world of bodybuilding. In the ensuing article, we would deal with the overtraining of the back muscles of a human body.

3 Morning Exercise Routine For Bodybuilding

The morning session is the most popular time for workout whether you are a weekend or a regular trainee. Morning workout is mostly preferred by the bodybuilders because of the lesser crowd in the gym.

5 Tips To Prevent Overtraining Neck Muscles In Bodybuilding

A thick and vascular neck is quite common in almost all the bodybuilders and hence there are many novice trainees who are looking forward to have such thick necks through rigorous training. But, you need to be very careful before you deal with that part of the body.   Very small muscle fibres combine together […]

How To Get Rid Of Muscularly Thick Thighs

One construction can be differentiated from the other because the building blocks are placed in a different manner. Similar is the case when it comes to difference between muscular shapes of two individuals. The muscle fibres or the thin strands join together to form the muscles which vary from one person to another. For this […]

How To Prevent Overtraining Abdominal Muscles In Bodybuilding

No matter how much you work upon the other body parts there is always a tendency to over-train the abdominal muscles. It is a general problem and can be brought to focus by asking a trainee the number of sit-ups, trunk twists, crunches and leg lifts he had performed in the last month. If he […]

How To Do Biceps Exercises For Bodybuilding

As far as muscle building program is concerned, every bodybuilder focuses on the biceps. Biceps are the most noticed muscle group as they are the part of the body that peeks out from your shirt or t-shirt when all the other parts are hidden.

4 Exercises Of A Thick Back And Bodybuilding Mass

There are many exercises for developing the back muscles, but there are few difficult workouts that enhance the thickness of your back muscles and increase the overall bodybuilding mass. Being difficult they are not so popular among the masses.

How To Prevent Overtraining Shoulders In Bodybuilding

The lateral, anterior and the posterior deltoids form the shoulder muscles and are one of the well-defined muscle groups that get over-trained easily. As compared to other muscle groups, the deltoids are the smallest heads but cover a larger part of the human anatomy. There are many novice bodybuilders who envy the huge cannonballs of […]

How To Exercise The Back After A Spinal Cord Injury

The spinal cord is the most vulnerable area when it comes to bodybuilding. Your vertebra is under constant compression while lifting heavy weights for building muscle mass. You should train your core muscles to avoid spine injuries and if you are already having one then you should not ignore it as in case of a […]

Best 6 Bodybuilding Routine For Joint Pain

There are many bodybuilding exercises, especially those related to gaining muscle mass, which end up aggravating the joint pains. You cannot simply ignore a joint pain, but there are many bodybuilders who believe taking a few days off from training that particular joint would cure the pain.

Joint Pain With Bodybuilding

The contact points of the bones are vulnerable to jerks and shocks. Whatever shocks and jerks you experience are transmitted directly through the bones to these joints. The joints act as shock absorbers neutralizing the forces. When you are working out with weights, you are highly utilizing the joints.

5 Bodybuilder Dumbbell Pecs Workout

With adjuster dumbbells you get to do a variety of exercises with different level of resistance. As far as the pectoral muscles are concerned, the dumbbells can cover a wider range as compared to barbells. Moreover, your muscles are also engaged in a full range of motion stimulating growth and development of muscle fibres.

4 Post Workout Nutrition For Bodybuilding

This post is meant for those novice bodybuilders who spent a significant amount of time turning the pages of the bodybuilding books and magazines or browsing through websites to gain some muscle mass. At the end of the day you get to gather some important advices from the pages and forums dictated by professional bodybuilders […]

How To Start A Bodybuilding Workout Plan

Everything has its own sets of positives and negatives. Though lifting weights has got its restrictions but there are many health benefits that you can derive through rigorous training. Weight training not only burns calories but also increases bone density and muscle mass.

5 Post Workout Protein Requirements For Bodybuilding

In the weight measuring room the prime concern of the bodybuilders and the athletes is to gain some weight by increasing the muscle mass and decreasing the body fat. The situation has remained the same for years and along with it the target of the bodybuilders to maintain a perfectly balanced post-workout nutrition has also […]

How To Gain Weight As A Bodybuilder

People with ectomorphic body structure may find it very difficult to gain lean muscles. However, “The Men’s Health Gym Bible” authors – Michael Mejia and Matt Murphy says that you can easily gain lean muscles and body weight if you maintain a balanced diet and workout with weights.

4 Bodybuilding Morning Workouts Routine

It solely depends upon the preferences of an individual as far as working out in the early morning is concerned. There are people who like to hit the gym within 6 AM in the morning and get over with his training program by 8 AM. But, there are many who prefer to sleep until 9 […]

How To Build Stronger Biceps

As far as bodybuilding is concerned, every enthusiast wants a bigger biceps since this portion of the body takes much lesser time to develop.

3 Bodybuilding Core Training Exercises

The core training is something where you get to shed some weight and gain some muscle mass. A strong core is determined by stability and freedom of movement where training involves covering the entire range of motion and shedding some pounds at the same time.

5 Ways To Use A Bowflex For Bodybuilding

The Bowflex is home gym machine with plenty of items to perform full body workout and comes with resistance rods helping the users to build muscle mass. If your disciplined lifestyle and healthy diet is accompanied by the machine providing more than 90 exercises, you are bound to develop muscle mass, strength and endurance.