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6 Exercises To Build Dense Muscles Steadily

Building strong and dense muscles is the dream of every bodybuilder and fitness freak. Dense muscles can be built with consistent workout and the right nutrition. It is important to work hard and do the right workouts, correctly and regularly to build dense muscles. Dense muscle building requires plenty of hard work, consistency, and regularity. […]

6 Strength Training Barbell Exercises

While fitness and fat loss is gradually attaining significant importance in our lives, many still ignore or miss the quintessential benefits of muscle strengthening, not knowing it’s pivotal role in facilitating fat loss. Lifting a bit of weight can actually speed up the metabolism, thereby culminating faster weight loss. Moreover, it also helps in building […]

5 Exercises For Tight Muscles Under Armpit For Flexibility

We always lay stress on the muscles of arms, chest and legs while ignoring some areas which are most appealing. Muscles under the armpit are of prime importance since they affect the way we look. These muscles need a regular workout to reduce pressure on arms and build flexibility, in case of body building. No […]

10 Battle Rope Arm Exercises For Strength

It is very important to do a complete body workout to remain fit and healthy. These exercises are very satisfying and it will make your body perfectly fit and healthy. The Battle exercises for arms are a great way to tone your arms and also build your muscles without using weights. A lot of men […]

6 Exercises To Build Equilibrium And Balance For Improved Sports

Several sportsmen miss out strategic medals or trophies due to slight imbalance or a failure due to body equilibrium. Tennis players, runners, weight-lifters, soccer players, badminton, baseball or any other sports – athletes need to be always prepared for that sudden lunge or turn. You fail there and you lose out a crucial point. This […]

5 Exercises For Building Rotational Muscle Strength For Better Performance

Rotational strength building is one of those few areas which are often ignored by fitness freaks. However, if you are a sportsman and looking forward to improve your energy, movement, flexibility and overall performance, you cannot afford to ignore workouts which help in building rotational strength. However, it is recommended to do these exercises with […]

5 Lower Body Fitness And Flexibility Exercises To Improve Sports Performance

Flexibility is one of the prime requirements of sportsmen for optimum performance. No matter whether you are playing tennis, soccer, swimming or running, lower body fitness is the main criteria. Flexible hips and toned lower body is the way to best performances in any field. Sportsmen usually have a planned workout routine which should necessarily […]

Total Lower Body Workout For Oval Shaped Women

Oval shaped women tend to be heavier on the lower side of their body, which means that they would usually have slender shoulders and arms but would have heavier butts and thighs, which is often prone to a lot of cellulite. Hence, these women need to build comprehensive strength on their entire body with a […]

5 Soothing Wall Yoga Poses

A wall can be a great support to find your body’s center of balance while doing a few inverted yoga postures. The wall will help stay steady, reduce falls and do the postures perfectly. Some of the wall yoga poses that will help you beat stress and stay hale and hearty is briefed here. Here […]

6 Beginners Muscle Training Workouts Without Equipment

Muscle training workouts are quite important for anyone starting on a fitness routine. Beginners are recommended to start with simple exercises so that the body starts adjusting to changes. Easy muscle training workouts involve light exercises which build the foundation of tougher workouts later on. These exercises are easy and can be done from home […]

6 Hip Strengthening Workouts For Body Builders

Hip strengthening workouts for body-builders have a dual advantage – they help in strengthening the hip muscles and also help in reducing the risk of injuries. Hip strengthening workouts focus on several muscles at the same time which builds power and endurance level. These exercises are suitable for body builders who are trying to reduce […]

5 Core Exercises For Improved Running and Better Sports Performance

Core exercises are beneficial in many ways, especially for runners and improved sports performance. These exercise helps to workout your whole body and helps in improving flexibility. Blood circulation improves, fat loss is assured and endurance level increases. Runners and sportsmen should always include a set of core exercises in their daily workout routine for […]

5 Quick Holiday Fat Loss Workouts Without Gym

Holiday time is all about gorging on some great food and having fun. However, you need to remember that you need to exercise during your holidays too for staying healthy and fit. You do not have to hit the gym for exercises. There are several easy to do fat loss workouts, which can be done […]

Circuit Training Exercises For Tighter Buns And Thighs

When it comes to buns and thighs most people feel that they are never really able to lose weight or inches from these areas and get a tighter shape. However, there are some serious exercises in circuit training that makes use of repetitions and makes use of both cardio and strength training. It is the […]

5 Easy High Intensity Exercises For Beginners

As a beginner in gym training, one needs to go slow with some exercises.The body needs some time to adapt and it is necessary to reduce the chances of injuries too. Beginners should ideally do some high intensity calorie burning workouts, which are suitable for them. These exercises do not put excessive strain, they are […]

Top 6 Power Yoga Moves For Losing Belly Fat

Power yoga is the secret to boosting metabolism and getting you the six pack abs that you always wanted. Power yoga is all about doing the classic yoga moves at a fast pace and combined with some cardio. The moves that are listed below include a blend of high impact cardio that is done with […]

6 Full Body Sports Training Exercises For Beginners

Training like sportsmen is a way to workout your full body. Full body sports training exercises for beginners are specially designed to increase their endurance and help in losing fat from the whole body. These exercises help in building flexibility as well as agility. Full body workouts help in blending a number of exercises which […]

5 Chest Exercises For Muscles Without Weight

If you are aiming for a muscular body, without working out your chest muscles, you are definitely not doing it right! Men and women need to focus on building their chest muscles if they are looking for muscle building, as uneven chest muscles will look odd. Your physique shall not get a good shape. You […]

5 Ultimate Mass Bodybuilding Workout Techniques

Mass bodybuilding exercises are not like a ‘bread and butter’ of muscle building. It requires a lot of dedication, proper food intake, right training and deep squats. Bodybuilding workouts are performed to get best muscles mass and to built-up more strength in the body. With accurate steadiness of mass-building exercises & boosting techniques, one can […]

5 Easy Belly Fat Burning Exercises For Beginners

Beginners cannot cope with a rigorous routine as they start their fitness regime. Those who wish to get rid of belly fat should focus on a few exercises which are specially designed for beginners. You need to do these workouts at a comfortable pace and slowly move ahead with the challenging ones. Belly fat is […]

5 Easy Exercises To Lose Inches From Waist In 3 Months

Are you frustrated because you no longer fit in your old jeans? You can no longer wear your favorite dress which fitted you really well, sometime back – this means, you have added inches at your waist and it’s time to lose them all. There are a few exercises which can specifically help in losing […]

6 Exercises To Open Tight Hips Muscles And Build Flexibility

Tight hips are a problem of many. Lack of exercises and weight gain often make us obese or there is an immense lack of motion in certain areas of our body. Tight hips can cause a number of complications which include a severe ache in the joints. Besides, sportsperson needs to regularly exercise to open […]

6 Quick And Easy Warm Up Exercises For Beginners

No matter what your workout plan is, you need to do a few warm up exercises. Beginners who are just starting with their training schedule should do all warm-up exercises well so that the body loosens well. Warm up exercises are also essential for preparing the mind and the body for action. Beginners should spend […]

7 Full-Body Dumbbell Moves

Where there is a will, there is a way. This is one of the most commonly used phrase when we refer to something inspirational and want to carry on despite various hurdles coming our way. Similarly, when you are having problems such as shortage of time to visit the gym or only have different pairs […]

5 Easy Beginners Core Exercises For Women

Core exercises help in challenging the core muscles from every angle. These help in improving the metabolism, help in burning calories at a faster rate and build flexibility among several other benefits. Women who are just starting their gym routines, should take it easy and begin with simpler exercises. This helps their body to get […]

5 High Intensity Exercises For Women To Lose Fat

Women have a tendency to put on weight in their hip and abdominal area. These are one of the easiest areas to gain weight and the toughest to lose fat. High-intensity cardio workouts are best for women who are trying to lose fat and are looking forward to tone their body. These exercises increase the […]

6 Easy Hip Exercises For Beginners

Beginners trying to lose weight from the hip region need to focus on a few exercises which help in fat loss from the hips. These exercises are of the moderate range, they help in strengthening the hip and thigh muscles and improve overall flexibility of the body. These exercises can be done at home or […]

6 Upper Back Exercises For Strong And Healthy Back Muscles

Our Upper back muscles need special care and training to keep them in good shape. There are specific back exercises which help in building strength, keep the muscles toned and also offer great support in case of recovering from injury too. Those who are not happy with their back muscle growth will also benefit from […]

5 Foot Strengthening Exercises For Improving Sports Performance

Athletes and other sportsman need to include a few exercises in their daily routine, which helps in strengthening their foot. Foot-strengthening exercises cannot be ignored as several workouts depend on balancing. Until you have needed strength in the specific muscles, it is not possible to improve sports performance, especially in the case of athletes. Foot-strengthening […]

5 Barre Workouts For Strength And Fitness

Barre workouts were developed in late 1960s and involved a special method and style of working out the muscles for strength building and fitness. These workouts use special props like resistance bands, yoga blocks, lightweights and also pilates rings. These moves were often described as dancing type moves which focused on tiny isometric movements along […]