4 Causes Of Aching Muscles And Joints

4 Causes Of Aching Muscles And Joints

Aching muscles and joints are the results of a variety of conditions. Some of the conditions of the muscle or joint pains are not that serious and can get better without any treatment. But, there are some pains that show the symptoms of a more serious condition, seeking immediate care.

It is not a matter of few days. Most of the muscle or joint pains get worse or gradually start showing worrisome signs and should be diagnosed immediately by a general physician. In this article, you will get to know the common causes behind the muscle and joint aches.

4 Common Causes Of Aching Muscles & Joints

1. Trauma


Accidents and traumas are the common causes of aching muscles and joints. There are several forms but common traumas like automobile accident often leads to certain symptoms like neck pain. Joint and muscle soreness can also arise due to sports related traumatic events or injuries. In case of a trauma, the muscles get overstressed and the joint surfaces get damaged.

At the time of accident you would not feel anything but gradually it will lead to severe pains and inflammations.

The muscles are quite fragile and often fail to endure the strains, leading to muscle fibre tears and aches. The muscle and joint aches usually involve damages to ligament, tendons or the membranous muscle covering called the muscle fascia. Apart from the over-the-counter medication, you can also employ ice and heat treatment to reduce the symptoms and accelerate the recovery.

2. Fibromyalgia


The most common widespread syndrome related to muscle and joint pains is fibromyalgia. It is chronic in nature and attacks an individual in different ways at any part of the body. It is quite difficult to understand the nature of the pain as it differs from one patient to another. The characteristics include sleeping disturbance, multiple tender points, psychological distress, fatigue, unbearable pain processing and extensive pain.

As far as diagnosis of fibromyalgia is concerned, there is no test, but you will experience a widespread pain all over your body for a period of 3 months. Out of 18 points on your body, you will feel the tenderness at around 11 points.

The absence of cure for the fibromyalgia is compensated by serious management of symptoms and bettering lifestyle.

3. Arthritis


The literal meaning of arthritis is joint inflammation, but there are plenty of symptoms that categorise the simple term. The symptoms include stiffness, muscle aches, restricted range of motion and joint inflammation and soreness.

Osteoarthritis is a common degenerative joint disease causing damages to the joint surfaces and the muscle tissues surrounding the area.

Distortion and dysfunction of joints, due to the chronic inflammatory condition affecting the joints’ synovial lining, is common in patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis.

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4. Infection


There are many simple infections that can give rise to muscle and joint aches like common cold or flu. These symptoms are also common in other types of infections like Lyme disease, malaria and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Proper diagnosis of these infections is certainly quite critical and hence, it is also difficult to prescribe the perfect treatment for such joint and muscle aches.