Causes Of Chronic Muscle Pain

A shooting pain, tingling sensation or constant throbbing of muscles in any part of the body for a prolonged period of time is classified as a case of chronic muscle pain. Also termed as myalgia, this excruciating pain has serious side effects on the person’s emotional and physical well being. Legs, back, neck and arms are easily susceptible. In some cases, a person might also complain about generalized pain all over the body.

There are several causes for chronic muscle pain ranging from injuries and infection to strain or underlying disease conditions. With timely diagnosis and treatment, chronic muscle pain can be effectively treated and cured.
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Crohinc Muscles Pain

Five Important Causes For Chronic Muscle Pain


Commonly seen in women, fibromyalgia is a painful condition where the brain amplifies pain sensation more than necessary, making it very difficult for the affected person to lead a normal life. Fatigue, irritability and insomnia are other symptoms observed along with excessive musculoskeletal pain.
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Causes Of Chronic Pain

This condition could be triggered due to an infection or injury. However, the exact cause for fibromyalgia is debated and remains a medical mystery. Although there is no complete cure for this condition, getting timely treatment with appropriate medications can alleviate the condition. Relaxation techniques and exercises performed under medical supervision are beneficial.


A painful inflammation of the joints and muscles leads to a condition called arthritis. Although there are several types of arthritis classified according to the area that gets affected in the body, this painful disease is often manifested life long in the affected individual.

Painful inflammation and swelling of muscles and joints will lead chronic muscle pain along with other health complications. Anti inflammatory drugs and dietary modifications are considered to be useful in reducing the inflammation caused. This in turn is effective in reducing muscle pain.


This condition is specifically seen in people who exercise. Here, the body parts that are being exercised will be cut off from receiving blood supply. A decrease in blood flow will lead to shooting pain in the muscular region, making it impossible for the person to use the affected muscle until pain subsides.

claudication Pain

 Caused due to a peripheral artery disease, claudication can affect arms and legs. With effective treatment and early diagnosis, this dangerous condition can be completely rectified and cured.
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If you are prone to injuries on a frequent basis, you could be easily susceptible to chronic muscle pain. Although seen in athletes who perform repetitive exercises like cycling and running, injuries are a part and parcel of life for anyone irrespective of the person’s age or gender.
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Repeated stress and trauma in a particular part of the body will affect the nerves and muscles in the region, hampering their ability to function properly. Chronic muscle pain, fatigue and inability to use the affected area become inevitable.


Caused due to an infection or injury, myositis leads to a sudden muscular inflammation causing chronic muscle pain.

Types Of Chronic Muscles Pain

This is often accompanied with muscular swelling and can affect the legs, arms, shoulder, back or the neck region.

Other causes for muscle pain include pinched nerves, thyroid irregularities and muscle cramps. Side effects of certain medications could also lead to this condition.
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With effective treatment, chronic muscle pain can be easily regulated and controlled.