Causes Of Muscle Injuries

Causes of Muscle InjuriesAny damage to the fibers present in the muscles will lead to muscle injury.The affected fibers might move from their original position or could completely tear apart, leading to decreased blood flow and impaired contraction and relaxation.

This condition is often referred to as a muscle injury, muscle strain or a muscle pull. It can be extremely mild and subside on its own or could turn out to be life threatening requiring immediate medical attention.

The causative factors for muscle injuries are varied and diverse. Adults, children and the elderly sections of the society are equally susceptible, making muscular injury the most common type of health condition to affect people of all age groups.

Five Crucial Causes of Muscle Injuries


Any type of accident, mild or severe, could damage the muscles and nerves in the body. When a person loses his/her balance and falls or slips, the muscles will get stretched beyond their normal capacity leading to an immediate strain in the affected region. Discoloration due to blood clots might be observed in such cases.

Hitting/colliding against a hard surface could also lead to muscle injury.


If you exercise all of a sudden without following the proper rules of stretching and put your muscles into rigorous work, you could easily fall prey to muscle injuries. By far one of the most common causes for triggering a muscular injury in people of all age groups and genders, improper exercise practices or those performed without proper supervision could lead to a muscle strain.

Muscle Injuries

In some cases, the pain might subside on its own requiring no medical supervision. In other cases, the person might suffer from excruciating pain, making it necessary to pay a visit to a doctor. Taking precautionary measures is always handy in such cases. People who take up intensive exercises like lifting heavyweights are easily susceptible to muscle injuries and strains.

Repetitive Work

Any type of activity, which is performed repeatedly on a frequent basis could lead to slow degeneration of fibers in the muscles, leading to muscle injuries. This will lead to decreased muscular activity, chronic pain and inflammation. Athletes are easy targets. Those who play sports like baseball, tennis and swimming are highly vulnerable.

Severe Injury/Trauma

When a body part is affected due to a severe injury, the skin and underlying muscular layers get damaged immediately. This could lead to a sudden burst in blood vessels and capillaries present in the muscular region, leading to muscle injuries. A decreased blood flow or blood leakage becomes inevitable in such cases. Surgeries or accidents could lead also to this condition.

Immediate treatment becomes necessary in such cases.


In some cases, the person might suffer from muscle injuries due to an underlying infection in the body. Bacterial infections caused by Staphylococcus are known to damage and kill cells present in the muscles leading to injury. In some people, parasites that are responsible for causing malaria and trichinosis can also trigger a muscular injury.

While muscle injuries can directly hamper your ability to perform day-to-day activities, most of these cases can be treated at home with hot or cold compressions. Taking adequate rest is extremely beneficial too.