Choosing The Right Cardio Plan: Making The Right Choice

5 Tips To Choose The Right Plan

From top of the notch athletes to the occasional exerciser, everyone has to have a cardio plan if they want to achieve their personal fitness goals. But, which plan is the best and how does one go about making the right choice? There are many factors at play here and this can involve taking into account all these factors.

Whether the person choosing the cardio plan is a professional athlete or an average person is a factor. Equally important are other factors such as total body strength, stamina and endurance. There can be many factors which should be considered while choosing the right cardio plan.  In this article, we find out the right way to choose the perfect cardio plan.

How To Choose The Right Plan

Planning Cardiovascular Exercises For Athletes

Cardiovascular Exercises For Athletes

High intensity interval training is the best choice for athletes who engage in short bursts of activity such as soccer or football. Elite athletes need a cardio plan that replicates the nature of their game– short bursts of activity followed by some moderate duration of rest.

High intensity training through cardiovascular exercises does not necessarily mean weight lifting can be abandoned. For most athletes, both are a crucial part of the workout. Therefore, the right cardio plan for elite level athletes should be one which incorporates high intensity training such as a sprint or conditioning drills.

The Right Cardio Plan For Occasional Exercisers

Endurance, speed, strength and stamina are goals of professional athletes. For the average person, these are not so critical in the extreme degree. Therefore, weight training and weight lifting is not part of an average workout plan for the busy professional or the student. People from ordinary walks of life should choose a cardio plan which reflects this reality.

Occasional Exercisers

Treadmill sessions and swimming twice a week is a good beginning for those looking for moderate cardiovascular exercises which do not strain them and at the same time accomplish the goal of keeping the person performing the exercise healthy and happy.

If the intensity of the cardiovascular exercises is too high, this can even adversely impact the stamina and endurance of the person.

Choosing The Right Plan

There is no one plan which suits everybody. Choosing the right cardio plan involves closely examining the personal fitness goals of the person who is performing the exercises. It is important to choose the right plan based on your own personal goals.

Choosing The Right Plan

If you are an elite athlete with plenty of endurance and stamina, a more challenging cardio plan can be selected. For those with a lower level of energy and endurance, a plan which incorporates heavy intensity training with periods of rest would be more appropriate.

Different Cardio Plan For Different People

Your personal fitness goals and disposition are the best indicators of which cardio plan is the best for you. Those who can push themselves and are more ambitious can opt for more stricter cardio plans where they can exert themselves to the limits of their endurance. Those who are looking for a moderate outcome can select a less challenging plan which includes all the basic ingredients of a cardio plan.

Different Cardio Plan For Different People

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Determinants Of Best Cardio Plan

Strength, endurance and stamina are not the only determinants of which cardio plan is the best. What is equally important are attitudes towards exercise and mental preparedness.

Choosing the right cardio plan involves taking all of these into consideration.
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There is no one perfect plan for everyone and it is vital that selecting the right cardio plan is based on careful consideration of all the crucial factors.

Determinants Of Best Cardio Plan