Circuit Training Exercises For Tighter Buns And Thighs

When it comes to buns and thighs most people feel that they are never really able to lose weight or inches from these areas and get a tighter shape. However, there are some serious exercises in circuit training that makes use of repetitions and makes use of both cardio and strength training. It is the combination of these two when done at a fast pace with little or no breaks in between that provides you with a great workout for your buns and thighs. Ideally you should start off with a warm up of five minutes and then commence these and finally finish off with a cool down and stretching exercises.

These Are Circuit Training Exercises For Tighter Buns And Thighs

1. Lunge Snd Squat With Dumbbell

This is a great exercise that works right on the legs and also the buns or butts while adding resistance and improves your toning. For this, take a light dumbbell in each hand and then with your right leg, lunge forward. Knees should not go over the toes and should be parallel to the floor. Fold your hands in a bicep curl and then take right leg out and squat as deep as you can when doing the bicep curl again. You can avoid the dumbbells if it is a bit too much for you. Do 40 seconds on right leg. Then repeat on left.

Squats With Dumbbell press

2. Sumo Squat Raises

This is another amazing exercise that actually tones right from your inner thighs to the outers of the bums. For this exercise extend both legs out and get into a wide squat. Your legs should be parallel to the floor and hands interlocked right in front of you. Now raise your heels off the floor in this position and take them down again. Keep doing this for about 1 minute.


3. Sumo Jumps

Right after you have done the sumo squat raises, you have to get to the sumo jumps, which is a combination that really leave your entire inner thigh burning. In the same position, now jump lightly up and land back again on the balls of your feet or even use the entire feet. Do this as fast as you can for about 30-60 seconds. You would actually feel the burning sensation right up to the buns and thighs.


4. Jumping Jacks

Now is the time for some cardio mix. You can do a minute of jumping jacks here which basically means jumping and spreading your legs as you land on the feet and raising both hands up in the air. When you are doing this move make sure that you are landing on a mat or even soft surface and not hard floors. Do for 60 seconds.


5. Single Leg Squat Raise

Now get into a chair pose, which is basically like just sitting on a chair or getting into a squat but there is no supper behind your buns. Now gently raise right feet off the floor. If you want, tap the toes slightly in front of you in case you cannot lift the entire feet and raise both hands in the air. Hold for 30 seconds before repeating on the other leg.


6. Plank Dynamic Stretch

Plank dynamic stretches are all about ensuring that you get a great move on your thighs and buns while toning the entire body using plank support. Get into the basic blank with straight elbows and keep stomach sucked in. Now bring your right leg forward and keep right heel next to right hand. Stretch right from the buns and raise your head. Take the leg back and repeat on the other side. Do this for about 1 minute.


7. Butt Kicks

This is a cardio move that will get your heart rate up and pacing again. For this exercise, you have to stand straight and then raise your right heel with a jump so that it almost touches your right butt and then simultaneously raise the left the one too. Do this move as fast as you can to maximise your calorie burn.


8. Plank Kicks

This is a great move to tone your entire buns and thighs too. In basic plank, raise your right leg as high in the air as you can, making sure that the leg is straight and heel is in the air. Do 20-30 raises on the right leg and then switch over to the left leg.


9. Inner Thigh Planks

This is a tough move that balances your entire body while working on the inner thighs. With your right heel firmly placed on the floor use your right hand to take hips off the floor. Now bend left leg from the knees and keep the heels firmly to the floor. Left hand should be used for holding the right knee. Now raise right leg up in the air as high as possible to work inner thighs. Do for 30 seconds and repeat on other side.