8 Daily Workout Plan For Women

 Daily Workout Plan For Women

Being in shape can make any woman confident and its feel good factor matches none. Regular exercises have the ability to transform any body shape into a desirable body shape. Being regular and not giving up is the key here.

Following a proper work out plan is essential to lose weight and also slow and steady is the secret to being fit. Lets look at a work out plan which when followed religiously is sure to give you results.

Workout Plan For Women

1. Daily Workout Program

Cardiovascular exercises burns fat and thus is vital for losing the excess fats in the body. Forty five minutes of daily cardio exercises is necessary for the body to start burning fat.

As the body loses fat it needs conditioning and toning, for that weight training is a must. Cardio coupled with weight training gives a total body workout which helps in losing extra fat and also helps in toning.

Daily Workout Program

2. Lift Some Weights

Lifting weights is essential for body conditioning. Dumbbells of 1 kg is good to begin with, later the weight can be increased depending on the progress made and the tolerance level of the muscles.

Lift Some Weights

3. Burn Those Fat Deposits

Running, walking, hiking, jogging and skipping are the most effective cardio exercises. While running on the road and on the treadmill proper shoes are a must. It should be well cushioned and should support the feet appropriately. On the treadmill first five minutes should be allotted to the warm up that is preparing the body for the bigger task. Later the speed can be controlled and altered to get the heart rate up.

To remove the monotony of running or jogging on the treadmill, one minute of jogging and one minute of running is a good idea. Cycling outdoors can takes you back to those carefree school days. It is refreshing and also a great exercise.

Burn Those Fat Deposits

4. Shape The Lower Body

Toning the abdominal, butt and the legs comes under the lower body workout program. Squats are the ever popular and effective way to tone the gluteus. Crunches have many variations and each one is as effective as the other one, only thing to be taken into account is using the abdominal muscles ( not the neck) to lift you off the floor. Legs can be toned by lunges, reverse lunges or dead lifts. Ankle weights can also be used for adding extra resistance.

Shape The Lower Body

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5. Shape The Upper Body

Shoulders, arms and back need proper toning so that there are no flabby arms and drooping shoulders. Exercises like biceps curl, lateral raises, hammer curls are some of the regular exercises to shape the upper body. The repetitions should be around 12 to 15 and two sets is the required minimum.

Shape The Upper Body

6. To The Core Now

Strengthening of the core muscles cannot be ignored. Plank pose helps in strengthening the core muscles of the abdominal. A strong core helps in toning and shaping the abdominal muscles.

To The Core Now

7. Stretching

Stretching the muscles relaxes it and improves flexibility. Yoga twice a week is good for stretching and relaxing the sore muscles.


8. Nutritious Diet

Exercise program will have no meaning without a proper diet. For losing weight a proper diet and exercise go hand in hand. A proper diet would mean right quantity of good carbohydrates, proteins, minerals and nutrients. Adequate amount of water intake keeps the body hydrated. Exercise routine which includes cardio, weight training core exercise and stretching can give you the desired results.

Nutritious Diet