5 Different Exercises For Bodybuilding

Exercises can help your body in various ways, ranging from improving the immunity, to boosting your stamina. In addition, it can also help you achieve a great body.

The exercises that help you get the perfect muscles in a short span of time can prove to be the best exercises for you.

Exercises are a reflection of your experience, as it often depicts the body building stage in which you are in. But, some basics never change in performing the best exercises for bodybuilding. Exercises can make or mar your bodybuilding dreams. It helps to choose the best exercises that can help you achieve your bodybuilding goals faster.

5 Various Exercises For Bodybuilding

Full Body Fitness Exercises

Full body fitness exercises aim at your overall fitness for the well being of your body. It is not very time consuming as you need not spend the whole week in the gym but can still get the optimum benefits by just exercising for two to three days in a week.In addition, when you lift weights, the central nervous system gets strained but as full body exercises are done just for 2-3 days, mostly on alternate days, it provides great recovery time for the central nervous system.


Squats are considered to be an excellent choice of exercise for those who want to have nice muscles along with well toned sexy legs.The best way to execute this exercise is to imagine that you are sitting on a chair. From the time you lift a weight till you put it back, ensure that your back is arched properly and the head is at the back.
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Dead Lifts

This exercise gives the right strength to your back and helps pump up your muscles. This exercise strengthens and enhances the mid and lower portion of your back. You can perform this exercise anytime during your workout session, but it would be best to perform this at the end of all your exercises.

You can perform this exercise in two ways, with narrow stance or sumo stance. In narrow stance, your arms need to be placed outside the knees. In sumo stance, you need to place your feet wide apart from each other with arms placed inside the knees.

No matter which style you opt for, the essence lies in the fact that you should have an arch position at the back throughout the time while you are performing this exercise.

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Bench Press

This exercise is one of the best ways to build muscular chest but the trick is to do it right. To perform this exercise correctly, lie down over your back and gently pull the weight towards your chest, allow the weight to touch your chest and after that softly yet firmly, push the weight away to its original position. This exercise helps to concentrate on your chest muscles by pumping them up appropriately.

Military Press

Military press helps enhance the overall personality by giving it a wide look around the shoulders. Many people prefer to perform this exercise by pressing the weight towards the backside of the neck instead of the front. If you choose to lift the weight at the backside of the neck, ensure that the elbows are placed at the back while performing this exercise.
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However, if you are doing this exercise with the weight pressing the front side of the neck, then your forearms must stay in a perpendicular position vis-à-vis the placement of the bar.


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